guttering and roof repairs

3 Must Know Things About Guttering and Roof Repairs

For most projects, proper guttering and roof repairs go hand in hand. This depends on the location of the leak or damage. Guttering is the plural form to describe a group or system of gutters. Gutters work in tandem with your roofing system to shed water. Once water has found its way down your roof, gutters collect it within their channels. With appropriate slope considered, gutters then move water to the ground and away from your foundation. During a roof repair scenario, gutter systems are often impacted.  Common areas for leaks or damage are on the edge of your roof. This area encompasses your soffits, fascia, and flashing. The removal of guttering during roof repairs looks like a more complicated job than it is. There are many things homeowners must be aware of during this process. Here are the three must know items about guttering and roof repairs.

Gutters Provide a Necessary Job on Your Roof


It goes without saying that gutters provide additional aesthetics to your roofing system, especially copper. They are also important to the health and overall function of your roof. Proper gutter cleaning is necessary to prevent the need for guttering and roof repairs. Clogged gutters are one of the main culprits for ice dams in colder, snowy regions. Due to this, gutters are a prime offender for creating the need for roof repairs. If guttering holds enough water, it will back up onto your roof, damaging your various waterproofing layers. When it comes time to embark on roof repairs, your gutter system will have to be removed to repair and replace damaged roofing components as well as structural pieces that have been damaged.

Proper Installation is Key to Prevent Needs for Guttering and Roof Repairs


As with any home project, finding the best roofing contractor for the job is paramount. Quality of installation starts your roofing system out on the best foot possible. Once the contractors have left, it is your job to ensure this stays the case. As gutters work in seamless tandem with your roofing system, any fault will cause downline effects. Quality roofing contractors will ensure that all systems are installed correctly so they shed water properly, as well as remain watertight. When this system fails in any capacity, leaks and damage will occur. Gutters must be properly fixed and fastened so they don’t introduce any unnecessary holes to the building. Similarly, your roof must be able to properly shed water into the gutters.

Gutters are Not a Lifetime Item


Similar to your roof’s lifespan, gutters do not last a lifetime. While guttering and roof repairs may be an attractive option due to cost, it is not always possible. If you are trying to get a few months out of your old roof, a repair may hold you over. It is unwise to explore patch option after patch option, as this growing cost will surpass the price of a full roof replacement cost. Do not let gutters become an afterthought on your home. By ensuring that your gutters stay as healthy as your roof, you can rest assured that your home will reap the benefits.

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