shingles replacement vs repair work

How to Tell If Shingles Replacement vs Repair Work is Required for Your Roof

Proper roof maintenance is essential to the health of your roof and reduces the need for shingle replacement or shingle repair. To be clear, shingle replacement is technically a full roof replacement. Conversely, shingle repair is part of routine roof repair, which means the work between replacement and repair differs drastically.

Many homeowners may not be familiar with the distinction between shingle replacement and shingle repair; thus, they may be uncertain about identifying signs of which type of shingle roof maintenance is needed and the overall scope of related work. Depending on the issues plaguing your roofing system, expert local roofing contractors are most qualified to determine the necessary course of action and often offer free roof replacement estimates. With their assessment and proposed solutions in hand, you can make sure to understand your particular roof maintenance needs before moving forward.

Although a roofing contractor or company is best suited to determining whether to repair the shingles or replace the roof, there are several signs that can help you understand if your home needs a full shingle replacement or the less invasive shingle repair work.

Roof Replacement Partially Based on Age

The average roof lifespan for an asphalt shingle system is 15-20 years depending on proper maintenance and weather patterns. If your roofing system is near to or in this age range, most contractors will not suggest or attempt repair work, as this temporary fix may cause additional issues  in relation to the aging process and the shingle replacement would be necessary. Although the issue may seem specific to a few shingles,  more unseen issues are likely elsewhere in your roof.

Roof Repair Based on Possible Storm Damage

Storm damage to your roof likely spurred an issue with the shingles. Shingle repair or replacement is partially based on the amount of damage and age of the roof. If your roofing system is still in the prime of its life, smaller areas of roofing issues favor localized shingle repair work over full shingle replacements. This scope of the damage is critical in assessing if a repair is the most suitable choice. For example, on newer roofs, shingle repair can address most leaks. Although shingle repair work may require some shingles to be replaced, shingle replacement across the entirety of the roof would not be required. During a shingle repair job, contractors will do their best to match the original shingle color but may not be able to do so, because of  supply availability or natural color degradation in the aging process.

Roof Replacement or Shingle Repair

Many factors contribute to whether or not a roof requires simple shingle repair or replacement. Understanding your roofing system and how to keep it at full health through routine roof maintenance will help you to make the best decisions for the continued longevity and efficiency of your roof. For more information on roof repairs, consult our blog, such as the anatomy of a roof. Additionally, our knowledgeable team are fantastic resources for answering your questions and helping you comprehend how important the roofing system is to one’s home. Contact our representatives at Ranch Roofing now for information, support, and remedies for any of your roof repair, roof replacement, or roof maintenance needs.