GuildQuality Reviews: Why They Matter and Where we Fall

Receiving unbiased ratings and reviews is a very important thing to us here at Ranch Roofing. These are a direct reflection of the work we have done for customers, and we often use them as tools to better understand what areas we do well and possible areas of improvement that we can tackle. We strive to maintain high marks throughout the wide range of online review sites and templates available to our customers. We believe that these impartial remarks paint a glowing picture of our commitment to quality and excellence. One important review form we use at Ranch is GuildQuality. GuildQuality allows our consumers to review on a large range of topics related to the project from quality, scheduling, and knowledge. These reviews are often capped off with a “likely to recommend” section that we heavily focus on. Unbiased sites like GuildQuality help homeowners find a good roofer and are an important tool for customers to use during their search to find the perfect contractor for any project.

What is GuildQuality?

In short, GuildQuality is an unbiased customer satisfaction survey website that is run by third party administrators for the construction and trades industry. This is a service that we as contractors pay for on the web hosting side; however, we have no ability to change or influence the surveys. As such, all reviews you see on the site are not paid for nor influenced by any organization. These reviews are as true as they come.

GuildQuality is built for and trusted by the quality-driven. For nearly two decades, over 15,000 home builders, remodelers, and home service providers have trusted our services to ensure excellence and continuous growth. We can do the same for you, too.

What GuildQuality Reviews Mean to Our Consumers?


You may be asking, why do reviews matter for the consumer. In terms of our customer-facing review platforms, our positive reviews show a pattern of project success that spans years. We have been in business since 1996, with commitment to quality and service being at the forefront of our approach. These reviews show this has not changed in our 24 years. With the wide range of review prompts found on GuildQuality, consumers can see how we treat the project from start to finish. This is important because in 2020 we have maintained a 100% “Likely to Recommend” statistic. This is higher than or equal to a majority of our competition in the greater Boston area. Simply put, our customers recommend us and our work after the project has been completed.

Why Reviews Matter for Finding a Good Roofer?


At Ranch Roofing, we take pride in our customer service and the reviews our customers provide. In fact, earlier this year we were delighted to announce that we had been rated as the #1 Boston area roofer according to In a trying year, it is nice to receive some recognition for our tireless efforts in customer satisfaction and overall quality. More positive reviews come in regularly, with a 5 star average rating. Contact us today for our customer recommended roofing services.

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