missing shingles on roof

Help: My House Has Missing Shingles on the Roof

Missing shingles on your roof can be a scary sight to see. You just walked out of your home after a particularly bad storm, and either notice shingles in your yard, or gaps on the roof. Fear not, in most cases this only requires a repair, not a full replacement. Shingles offer the first point of protection against water and debris on your roofing system. They are responsible for a majority of proper watershed. Missing shingles on the roof can help introduce unwanted water into your attic or home. The first step here is to contact your local roofer to create a game plan. Finding a quality roofer is an overwhelming task, especially when time is of the essence. This is not the time to find the easiest to contact, and least expensive option. Quality roofing contractors will not be the cheapest option, but they will be the most reliable and effective choice. Once you have found a contractor you are comfortable with, it is time to initiate a job.

Cover Up


In instances of particularly bad missing areas, it is wise to at least provide an added layer of protection prior to the repair or replacement. This can be accomplished by a simple tarp over the area. Do not climb on your roof to complete this. Most licensed contractors will be able to help quickly and safely. Once you have safely covered the area, create a plan. Depending on several factors, primarily related to age and condition, a repair or replacement will be discussed. Roof repairs are simple tasks for most roofers. These are quality jobs that will offer lasting protection. You want your repair to have the same lifespan of your current system.

Initiating a Repair for Missing Roof Shingles


Once a plan has been created, it is time for your job to be completed. As these issues require much less effort than a full replacement, you can rest assured that most jobs are finished within a day. Surrounding shingles will be lifted to allow a new shingle or row to be installed. Assuming no other issues are present, the new row will line up perfectly and match as best as possible. If other issues are present, areas of underlayment, flashing, and pipe boots will also be installed. These issues are not apparent from the ground, but contractors will easily notice them when estimating your repair. By ensuring all areas of issue are accounted for, your repair job will be just as strong and efficient as the original system.

Missing shingles on your roof doesn’t have to be scary. Ranch Roofing will work with all customers to ensure your roof is just as efficient as their own. We have long lived by the adage of viewing every roof as if it were our own. If you are in need of a repair or replacement in the Boston area, contact us for a free estimate.