dirty roof needing cleaning

Importance of Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning is an important topic that does not get the credit it deserves when discussing important home projects. Simply put, a roof is not a set it and forget it project for any home. A clean roof is a healthy roof, which also aids in extended shingle life over its neglected counterparts. Proper seasonal roof cleaning is a topic we discuss often for many reasons, but at its heart, not keeping your roof clean has many down-line effects that can be disastrous and costly for all homeowners.

Cleaning Moss From Your Roof

Roof moss is an exceptionally troublesome sight for any homeowner. This issue is often caused from excess moisture built up on your roof covering of choice. Most bothersome in as asphalt shingle roofs due to their susceptibility to moisture buildup. Additionally, slate roofs can also develop this issue. Excess moisture can be caused for several reasons, but most, a buildup of debris and leaves causes watershed issues. We don’t encourage walking on your roof as it is more dangerous than it looks. But, areas that can be reached from the safety of a ladder should be examined often to ensure debris are cleared in a timely fashion.

Debris Causes More Than Moss

While debris is often the leading culprit for roof moss growth, it can cause other issues as well. Larger debris, such as sticks and branches, can prematurely wear shingles through rubbing. When shingles lose their granules they are more susceptible for water intrusion because they cannot shed properly. While this may cause moss or algae, it also introduces water into your roof deck, which can create rot and mold growth. Similarly, larger branches can also break roof shingles, which leads to a much larger possibility of rot. As these areas are not often seen, rot can quickly grow, which causes a host of issues that can spread structurally. While this is obviously a worst case scenario, and not very likely, it is possible without proper and timely roof cleaning.

In summation, proper roof cleaning not only keeps your roofing system looking its best, but also performing at its best. By keeping your roof clean you can avoid costly repairs or replacement much earlier than is necessary. When first installed, all shingle types have a certain lifespan depending on your material choice. Without adequate upkeep and cleaning, these lifespans can be severely degraded, especially towards the end of the roof lifespan. By staying on top of your roofing, you can ensure that your investment stays as healthy as possible.

Be sure to embark on yearly roof cleaning projects during both your fall cleanup and spring-cleaning routines. Doing so will ensure your roof lives up to its expectations both functionally as well as its expected lifetime depending on your roof shingle material choices. If you begin to see large patches of moss develop, or areas damaged from debris, feel free to contact us for a free estimate to best understand what is going on with your roofing system.