What is the New Roof Replacement Process?

What to Expect with Your New Roof Replacement

Many homeowners think that the process for a new roof is just removing and replacing roof shingles. However, this is far from the only step required to ensure quality in your roof replacement project. Although there are many steps in the process quality roofing contractors provide a seamless project plan. For example, experienced Massachusetts roofing companies like Ranch Roofing provides support for every step in the process. From choosing colors and walking thru the permitting process to cleanup and beyond, expert roofing contractors ensure homeowners are comfortable with every step.

As we have been in business since 1996, we streamlined our process to ensure a painless process for our customers. To help, we outlined the roof replacement process and noted some question to ask as you look to choose a roofing contractor. As always, we are happy to answer any and all questions regarding your roof replacement and hope we get the chance to work with you.


The New Roof Replacement Process


Once you have chosen a roofing company, the first step is the choosing of colors and styles for your new roof. This is an important step because the color of your roof impacts the look and feel of your home. During this phase of the new roof replacement process you decide how your home looks for the next few decades. From blending the new roof into your home with muted hues to installing a showpiece roof with more distinct shades, the choice is yours!

Next, a roof replacement requires a permit with the local officials. Reputable roofing companies secure the necessary permits. As you select a trusted roofing contractor in Massachusetts, ensure they discuss the permit process. Typically, a few additional details around timing and other incidentals arise during this discussion. In Massachusetts and in particular, the greater Boston area, roofing is quite competitive. As a result, roofing contractors with these “soft” skills that make sure your questions are answered make a difference.

At Ranch Roofing, we believe our focus on customer service differentiates our company among the other roofers in the Boston area. For example, once all of the details have been ironed out, your project manager sends an email confirming the project. This layer of communication includes things like dumpster placement and start times. Additionally, experienced roofing contractors in Massachusetts separate themselves from the competition by noting the impact on your day. As we install a roof, then we generally instruct homeowners to cover items in the attic to prevent excess dust. Plus, during the roof replacement installation, our team walks and hammers the roof, which means homeowners may want to affix anything on the ceiling.


Roof Replacement is More than Just Replacing Shingles


Once the project has started, everything happens fast when the dumpster arrives at your home. Although for Cambridge, Somerville or Boston roofing projects, an experienced roofing company knows how to handle the unique challenge without raising your stress levels. For residential towns and communities, dumpster placement is straightforward and discussed earlier in the process. Next, the fun stuff. Roofing contractors start stripping old shingles and underlayment (if noted in the project scope and contract).

Finally, the roof installation begins! The amount of time derives from the size of your existing roof. Fortunately, experienced roofing contractors know how to estimate the general time frame during preliminary discussions and finalizing the details of the roof replacement. Upon completion of the new roof installation, your home will look great, but the job is not done.

Another differentiator in Massachusetts roofing companies is the clean up process. For example, our team strives to ensure there is no debris left in your yard. Plus, as shingles are stripped and tossed towards the dumpster, debris hits your yard. As a result, our team protects your landscape and makes sure it is as good, if not better, than when we first arrived. Be sure to ask about the clean up process while evaluating roofing companies. Finally, at Ranch Roofing, we provide a final follow up touch point. We want to confirm the project met your expectations. And if not, we want to learn about any concerns because we stand by our 100% satisfaction.


For any additional questions about roofing, or to schedule a free estimate, please feel free to contact us.

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