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Questions to Ask Roofing Contractors Over the Phone

Since your home is one of  the most significant investments of your life, it is essential that you know which questions to ask roofing contractors before hiring them. Whether you are considering renovations, roof replacement, or roof repair, make sure to protect your investment by preparing roofing questions that will help you find the best roofing contractor for your needs.

Asking for recommendations from the people you trust can begin the process of finding roofers in your area. Then, conduct online research to find out if the roofing company might do the kind of work that you need. Once you narrow your choices to three to five local roofing contractors, have your list of questions to ask the roofing contractor and be ready to ask them! Both the content and the delivery of their responses to your roofing questions are crucial in determining if the roofing contractor or roofing company is experienced, professional, and reliable. Here are some essential questions to ask prior to choosing a good roofer to work on your home:

1. Are You Local?

If you’ve done your research, you may already know if the company is local. Be sure to confirm that information,  or start by asking roofing contractors if they are local. Local roofing companies are often the only ones who know the nuances of each city’s laws and regulations. They will also better understand what factors impact your roof’s anatomy and will be close by if you ever have a problem with your new roof.

Especially after a storm-related disaster, many out-of-state roofing companies may be in the area due to the increased need and take other companies’ jobs by offering lower prices. Although the deals may be tempting, these companies may not know which local codes to follow or, nor which paperwork is required to finish the job; they may also be unavailable should follow-up roof issues occur.

2. Are You Licensed?

In choosing the best roofing contractor, experience, reliability, and professionalism are essential (which most of online information may highlight), but licensure is a must! Even if a roofer’s website indicates that it is licensed, one of the first questions to ask a roofer before hiring is whether they are licensed and if the license is current. Moreover, when asking about their license, do not forget to ask whether they are also bonded and insured. You can ask for copies of these documents and can ask following up roofing questions based on that information. Researching licensed roofers and the necessity of licensure in your location can help protect you in the event of any issue with your project.

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3. What Kind Of Roof Warranty Do You Offer?

While it is always the hope that a roof will last the expected 15-20 years, damage and other issues happen, so one of the most important questions to ask a roofer is about the roof warranty, because your roof is one of the most significant financial investments you can make to your home. Be sure to ask the roofers in your area if they offer one or both of the two kinds of roofing warranties: one of the warranties may be specific to materials and the other to workmanship. When you ask about the types of warranties, also inquire about the duration or each warranty. Some warranties  last a year, while others last a lifetime. If your effort to find a roofing contractor is related to selling your home and relocation.

 Having a life-long warranty may actually help you sell your home faster and increase its value to prospective buyers, because they won’t have to worry about doing that home improvement project themselves!

4. How Long Have You Been In Business?

Another question to ask a roofer before hiring is to ask how long that person or company has been in business. Newer companies or contractors are usually cheaper, but they probably lack experience and knowledge; cheaper rates to start may also result in money and customer loss if jobs aren’t done, which might ultimately result in company closure. Longevity is important in protecting your investment when it comes to warranties or repair needs. If the company that handled your roof is not in business anymore, you will have to spend additional time and energy investigating new local roofers in your area…again. Therefore, always look for local roofing companies that have been in business for a longer period of time.

5. Can You Give Me An Estimate?

Finally, one of the most important questions to ask roofing contractors pertains to their ability and willingness to give you an estimate for the anticipated work. High quality professionals are typically more than happy to give you a free roofing estimate.that details what needs to be done and the anticipated cost of adding, replacing, or fixing your roof.

An unwillingness on behalf of the roofing contractor or company to provide an estimate for the work usually means that they are hiding something. Choosing roofing companies that are transparent with their business practices and work estimates better enables you to make the best decision for your finances and the health and safety of your home.

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Final thoughts

Questions to ask a roofer will vary significantly based on your budget, the scope of work, and personal or situational preferences. The questions mentioned here provide the foundation for a positive experience and your desired results. These additional roofing questions may further help you choose the best roofing company for your home and your bank account.

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