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Reasons Why Summer Is a Great Time to Replace Your Roof

The roof of a home must be in good condition. As the part of your home under the biggest duress from the elements, it can easily get damaged and threaten the integrity of your entire house! However, what is the best time of the year to do this? If you need to replace your roof, especially after winter, you might be tempted to do so immediately during spring. However, it is actually better for you to put off the renovations until summer! And, while we cannot claim any season is the ideal choice, here are the reasons why summer is a great time to replace your roof!


You will have the weather on your side

It is undeniable that you want the weather to be good while you are doing work on your roof! Imagine starting the process of rebuilding, with most of your house exposed to the elements, only for rain to start pouring on your home! Not only would you have to pause the work, since such conditions could be potentially hazardous for you and the workers you’ve hired, you also face the chance of property damage! Wet walls, floors, and furniture are a nightmare and can take ages to dry out, especially if things such as mattresses get soaked. Imagine having to spend days without a proper bed! In such a scenario, you would also probably have to fix up the damage the water has done to your walls, which means additional work and expenses for the paint.

A wall showing signs of water damage and mold, which is why summer is a great time to replace your roof

It is the best season to hire professional workers

The busiest seasons for roofing contractors are spring, late summer, and fall, when everyone scrambles to do all the necessary repairs and renovations. Spring, because homeowners want to deal with the damage accumulated during winter before it worsens, and late summer and fall because they are preparing for the coming winter season. On the other hand, early and mid-summer actually see lull of inactivity, and are when you can take advantage of several factors:

  • Best prices. Because it is the off-season, you will not encounter as many people trying to hire roofing contractors as you would otherwise. This means that the costs of their services are typically lower.
  • Bigger pool of roofing contractors to choose from. Similarly, since most contractors are not swamped with work, you will have the leisure of asking all the questions you need to find the best roofing contractor for you! After all, the best and the most recommended contractors are typically the busiest and hardest to contract.
  • Highest efficiency. Due to their resources not being spread thin, the roofing contractors will be able to dedicate more workers to individual projects. This, in turn, will ensure that the work done on your home progresses quickly while not sacrificing the quality of the construction for speed, which may also be the case if you are racing to finish everything before it rains.

Your kids are on their school break!

Kids on summer break might seem like a negative at first since you would have to look after them in addition to all the other chaos going in and around the house. However, consider this: the construction will not negatively impact the school life of your children. Concentrating on doing your homework or studying while someone is banging a hammer over your head is not easy, and that’s not even considering the issues with elements that could occur when most of your roof has been removed! You would also not have to worry about taking your kids to and from school or about supervising their studies. In addition, with the expenses associated with the school year out of the way, you could better handle the costs of replacing your roof. These benefits outweigh thinking about their meals while they spend most of the day playing outside anyway!

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You will have all the time you need to get everything done

Similarly, you would likely have much more time to dedicate yourself to the renovation than you would during the other seasons. Most jobs offer their employees time off during summer, and not having to worry about the pressures of work while you are doing major renovations on your home is a relief. Imagine having to juggle working in a busy office with arranging for movers to take your furniture into storage, for example. There are things you should have in mind when hiring movers, and you would hardly be able to focus on that in addition to everything else! You would probably not be getting too much sleep and are likely to be busy around the house cleaning and managing the situation in your off-hours. You could easily run yourself ragged in such conditions, so why not simply avoid the situation entirely?

You could go on a vacation!

The question of should you move out during roof replacement is an important one. If you do not want to deal with the hustle and bustle of renovation work hands-on, you could always go on a vacation! And who could blame you? Living in a construction zone, after all, is disruptive and uncomfortable. You could, instead, take the chance and go on that trip you’ve always wanted but could never find the time for! Visit the mountains or the beach, where the construction work is nothing but a distant concept, and by the time you come back home, what will await you is a new and sparkly roof to keep your home safe during the upcoming winter! You could even make it a family event and invite your parents or other family members along! They would probably jump at the chance to spend time with their grandkids!

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Caption: A vacation is also an excellent time to catch up with family members you do not see often!

Final Words

With our list of reasons why summer is a great time to replace your roof coming to an end, we hope that we have helped you decide whether or not it truly is the best time of the year for you. Just remember to keep in mind the wants and needs of your family, and no matter what decision you make, it will be a good one!


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