Concord Roofing Minute Man Statue

Sights from Up Above: A Concord Roofing Company

Concord, Massachusetts is a charming and picturesque town nestled just north of Boston. Here at Ranch Roofing we have completed many projects in town as a Concord roofing company and have grown quite fond of the views. Much like Lexington, Concord has a storied past which has helped create some of our favorite views of town, here are some that stand out the most.

Walden Pond

Breaking from the war history of the town, Walden Pond has its own storied saga as the foundation for author Henry David Thoreau’s, Walden. Leaving his comforts, Thoreau spent 2 years on the north shore of the pond beginning in 1845. His experiences lead him to write the story based upon living a simple, natural life. Today the pond is a 335-acre state reservation, having become a national historic landmark in 1962. While the Thoreau house is no longer standing, visitors can appreciate a replica on site. Visitors can also enjoy swimming and walking in the vast area the park provides.

Minute Man National Historic Park

Arguably the most important site of the Revolutionary War, Minute Man National Historic Park is a key feature of Concord. Operated by the National Park Service, Minute Man Park encompasses 970 acres and is home to several important landmarks. Home to the first battle of the Revolution, the park houses North Bridge. This is where Minutemen forces first advanced on the British Redcoats. Also, elsewhere in the park is The Wayside, a building once home to Author Nathaniel Hawthorne, among several others. With such a vast amount of information present regarding this park, more about the history can be found at the National Park Service page.

Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge

Another stunning view for this Concord roofing company is Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. Protected by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge first started as a 250 acre piece of property in Concord. Today, the refuge stretches across several towns over the course of its 12 mile long river conservation area. The refuge is home to a myriad of different mammals and waterfowl, with several species protected. A popular spot for local bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts, Great Meadow National Wildlife Refuge strongly ads to the charm and beauty of Concord.

Concord Museum

Officially founded in 1886, the Concord Museum has what is considered to be one of the oldest and well-rounded collections of Americana. Due to the history of the town, Concord museum is strongly influenced by artifacts from the Revolutionary War and more specifically the Battle of Lexington and Concord. Arguably the most famous artifact is one of Paul Revere’s lanterns from his famous ride. To see this piece and many more, visit the Concord Museum site for more details and and its hours.

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