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Views Rich With History: Insights From a Lexington Roofing Company

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Boston is the picturesque city of Lexington, MA. Rich in history and ripe with beautiful colonial homes, Ranch Roofing has taken in many of the local sights as a Lexington roofing company. Home to the first major battle of the Revolutionary War, Lexington has stayed true to its roots with many significant landmarks. These are some of our favorites that we’ve seen while roofing in Lexington, MA.

Lexington Green

Home to the first shots of the Battle of Lexington and Concord, Lexington Battle Green is a National Historic Landmark. On April 19, 1775, militiamen came to the green from nearby Buckman Tavern to face oncoming British forces. This is the spot in which revolution forces saw their first casualties of the war. Today, Lexington Green is a park for residents to enjoy. Monuments from the battle are littered through the park for visitors to gain a stronger understanding of the history. The history of the Green make it one of this Lexington roofing company’s favorite views.

Hancock-Clark House

Continuing with the Revolutionary War history, the Hancock-Clark house is an important fixture within the town of Lexington. As a childhood home for statesman John Hancock, the house was an important stop along Paul Revere’s route. At the time both Hancock and Samuel Adams were staying at the home as guests of the owner, Reverend Clark. Revere warned the two about the advancing troops. Today the home is owned by the Lexington Historical Society who run tours from the house.

Monroe Tavern

Approximately a mile from Battle Green and Buckman Tavern is Monroe Tavern, another fixture in battle history. Contrary to Buckman Tavern, the afternoon of the battle, British troops took over the tavern and used it as a field hospital and base of operations for a short period of time. Today, the tavern is staged as the Museum of the British Redcoats. This gives visitors and insight into how the tavern looked that fateful day.

Buckman Tavern

Today owned by the Lexington Historical Society, Buckman Tavern is an important fixture in history of the area. Built around 1710, the tavern was a central gathering place and watering hole for residents of Lexington. Due to its proximity to Lexington Green, the tavern was especially popular with local militiamen. This rang true on April 19, 1775 when militiamen left the tavern to confront the British on nearby Lexington Green after having used it as a staging point. A shot fired from this group of men is the single shot that started the Revolutionary War. Alongside tours of the Hancock-Clark House and Monroe Tavern, the historical society has kept this building open to the public featuring self-guided tours through the summer months.

With an area consisting of such rich historical significance to the United States of America, it is simply impossible to list all of our favorite places, sights, and sounds. For more insights and views from our Lexington roofing company, see this post about our view from nearby Concord, MA.

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