shingles replacement vs repair work

How to Tell If You Need Shingles Replacement vs Repair Work

Shingles replacement versus shingle repair is an interesting topic, and something that many homeowners do not understand the difference of in terms of not only identifying signs, but overall scope of work. We have written several posts about the importance of proper roof maintenance, as well as what to look for when determining if you need a roof replacement. Depending on the issues plaguing your roofing system, expert local roofing contractors will best be able to determine the course of action necessary. Most offer free roof replacement estimates so you can rest assured that you have the best understanding of your particular issues before moving forward. Outside of contacting a contractor, there are several signs that can help in giving you a better understanding if your home needs a full shingles replacement, or simply less invasive repair work. One thing to keep in mind, when we discuss shingles replacement, this qualifies as a full roof replacement, which is where the work differs drastically from repairs.


Shingles Replacement on an Aging Roof


The average roof lifespan for an asphalt shingle system is 15-20 years depending on proper maintenance and weather patterns. If your roofing system is nearing this stage in its life, most contractors will not offer or attempt repair work as this would naturally just be a patch job that could cause issues later down the road and replacement of shingles is necessary. In this case, just because it may appear obvious some of your shingles require replacement, it is likely that there are more unseen issues elsewhere in your roof.


Obvious Damage Favors Repair Work


If your roofing system is still in the prime of its life, smaller areas of shingle issues favor localized repair work over full replacements. This obviously depends on the scope and area of the damage in assessing if a repair is the most suitable choice for the job. For most areas of leaks and damages on newer roofs, shingles replacement is not the suitable choice. Keep in mind that once again, repair work may require some shingles to be replaced, but not across the entirety of the roof. With shingles replacement during a repair job, contractors will do the best they can to match shingle color but that can be impacted by supply as well as natural color degradation in the aging process.


Shingles Replacement Vs Repair Conclusion


As there are many factors that impact this decision in the process, homeowners are urged to best understand their roofing system and how to keep it at full health. Our blog is a fantastic resource for all things roofing for both our current and prospective customers to gain the best understanding possible. A roofing system is one of the most important aspects of a home that goes overlooked by many. Our sales team is always available to answer questions and to meet with you to not only give you a free estimate, but a solid understanding of your issues and how Ranch Roofing can best remedy them.