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5 Variables That Determine Skylight Installation Costs

Skylights can be an incredible addition to any residence, bringing in sunlight and possibly even fresh air. Our experts have compiled a list of 5 variables that can affect your skylight installation costs. Be mindful that there are many more variables that can impact skylight installation, but these five are some of the biggest drivers of price fluctuations from project to project. At Ranch Roofing we try to be as transparent as possible with our skylight pricing for skylight replacement. Due to the home specific nature of skylight installation, the high-quality companies offer variable prices. These are variable prices that change based upon your home and how it can affect the installation process. As a result here are 5 major variables that are used to determine skylight installation costs.

Skylight Style Affects Skylight Installation Costs

It goes without saying that more advanced skylights are going to be more expensive. With all sizes the same, a fixed skylight is less expensive than a vented skylight, which is less expensive than a solar vented skylight. This is one of the major drivers in skylight installation costs. From the manufacturer, fixed skylights are the cheapest as they have the least number of moving parts. These are fantastic for bringing light into your home in areas that may be difficult to best utilize the venting feature. On the other hand, solar venting skylights are very simple to use, but due to the technology they possess, are much more expensive.

Replacing Vs Installing Your New Skylight

When replacing a skylight with the same size, the process is much simpler than a complete installation of a new skylight which requires more in the way of carpentry. Here, shingles will need to be removed, and new areas of waterproofing will be required to ensure your roofing system remains impenetrable. This is another major variable that can drastically affect skylight installation costs.

Be Mindful of Skylight Sizing

Much like the windows of your home, larger pieces of glass are more expensive than their smaller counterparts. Skylights get more expensive as they get larger, and the work required to install them becomes more difficult as well. Larger skylights bring in substantially more natural light and fresh air than smaller ones, which creates a necessary tradeoff for homeowners that are exploring their options with new skylights.

How Much Work is Required Inside of the Home?

While not directly related to the work of actually installing a skylight, carpentry inside of your home should be considered with the overall project cost. There are many smaller variables that fit within this area, which causes this often-overlooked area to be very important when exploring your options. To be able to fully enjoy your new skylight, you should be very aware of the lesser-known installation costs that can drastically impact your new skylight installation costs.

Skylight Installation Costs Vary by Project

As skylight installation require much prep work on your roof itself, installing a skylight when replacing your roof can often be more affordable if your roof actually needs attention. Most roofing companies will either offer free or reduced labor when installing a skylight in conjunction with a larger roofing project. On the other hand, installing a skylight on a healthy roof can be often much more expensive. This is a factor that all homeowners should be aware of when exploring skylight installation costs


As a whole, skylights can be the cherry on top of any home project. Their benefits to health and well-being are endless and truly make your house feel like a home. Ranch Roofing is a leader in Boston area skylights. For more questions or to schedule a free estimate, don’t hesitate to reach out to be connected with a member of our expert sales team for an on-site consultation.