selling a house that needs a new roof

So You’re Selling a House That Needs a New Roof?

Selling a house that needs a new roof can be a tricky endeavor for any homeowner. High cost, high-wear projects like a new roof can easily put off a potential buyer if they don’t want to deal with coordinating a new roof replacement shortly after purchasing the home. Home purchases often strain budgets on their own, so most homeowners prefer homes to be move in ready. In the same vein, an old, worn roof is not necessarily visually appealing which can also put off potential buyers during the searching phase of their purchase journey. Depending on your need to sell, it may be a worthwhile choice to explore a roof replacement prior to listing your home with a realtor. Ranch Roofing has laid out some options for homeowners that are selling a house that needs a new roof that may help you if you find yourself in this precarious situation.

A New Roof Boosts Curb Appeal

Any time you are selling a home, you are probably hoping to have as much curb appeal as possible in order to entice potential buyers to explore your property and ultimately make an offer. During this stage you can make your home look substantially newer with a fresh roofing system, which is immensely enticing to potential buyers. Think of your roofing system as being the teeth to the smile of your home. The fresher and cleaner it looks, the more welcoming it will appear. By boosting curb appeal you make your home appear more valuable which pays dividends during the selling process. Don’t put off potential buyers before they can even imagine themselves creating a life in your home.

Replacing a Roof Adds Home value

According to Dry Roof, some estimates say a new roof can boost a home value by close to 10%. This is obviously a staggering number when selling a home that needs a new roof and determining the best course of action. Not only will a new roof make your home more appealing, but it can also boost your generated income from the sale which is a win-win for any homeowner and potential seller. Obviously when examining the 10% you must take into account the cost of the roof when listing your home. The less time your home spends on the market, the better the process will go for you, so this is an option all homeowners must explore when attempting to sell a house that needs a new roof. Also, homeowners will be more apt to purchase your home if they don’t have to do as much maintenance during the first years of their ownership.

In all, it is wise to explore a roof replacement cost if you are considering selling a home that needs a new roof. While it may seem like an added headache to have to coordinate this project, it will pay off in the long run and make your home much more appealing to potential buyers. At Ranch Roofing, we make your roof replacement easy, so you won’t have to worry about this added level of commitment to the home. For more information, contact us today!