Spring Roof Maintenance

4 Spring Roof Maintenance Things Every Homeowner Must Know

As we venture into the first days of spring our annual to-do lists grow exponentially. Most homeowners in the Northeast have developed some severe cabin fever during the grueling winter months and are now beginning to declutter for the warm weather that is to come. This is the time to get all of the long put off tasks out of the way so you can put winter behind you and have time to enjoy the heat when summer finally arrives. Here at Ranch Roofing we are big proponents of including your roof in your fall cleanup routines. Spring roof maintenance is much of the same, when you’re cleaning your yard from the harsh winter, be mindful of the health of your roofing system. Now is the prime time to get on the schedule for repairs and replacements as our schedules book up fast as the weather gets nicer. We have compiled a list of four main areas of spring roof maintenance that all homeowners should tackle on an annual basis.

Cleaning Your Gutters is the Most Important Part of Spring Roof Maintenance

We have written ad nauseam about the importance of proper annual gutter cleaning. With spring showers on the horizon, it is of utmost importance to ensure that your gutters are functioning properly, free of debris in both the gutter and downspouts. Failing to tackle this project, either by yourself, or by a professional, sets you up for more serious issues. Now is the time to make sure your roof can properly shed water to stay in front of roof rot and ground erosion.

Inspect Your Roof From the Ground

Issues that require immediate attention are often very obvious when looking at your roof from the ground. Another important step for spring roof maintenance is to document anything that looks strange on your roofing system. This could include any signs of roof replacement like missing and cracked shingles or algae growth. By noting these issues early, you can ensure a repair or replacement does not become a more costly endeavor.

Clear Any Debris Left over from the Fall

As diligent as you may be with your fall cleanup routine, it is likely for debris to end up on your roof during the winter, especially if you live in an area with lots of trees. Sticks and leaves may not look like an issue, but leaving them for extended periods of time can lead to algae and moss growth. This is a serious issue for shingles and can drastically shorten their lifespan. Also, sticks can cause damage to your roof so this may be a chance to find previously overlooked areas of damage. We do not condone climbing on your own roof, so use this time to reach out to a professional that is well versed on traversing pitched roofs.

Check Your Attic When Embarking on Spring Cleaning

Your attic  is just as much a part of your roofing system as the shingles. You are already going to be up there throwing away useless items that you’ve accumulated over the years so you might as well take a glance at the underside of your roof. For example, the next time you are in the attic, look for potential problem areas like wet spots or mold growth. This is another issue that should be addressed sooner rather than later to ensure you don’t encounter substantial amounts of mold in your home.

Spring roof maintenance may be one of the most important tasks a homeowner can take on during the year. This is all preventative maintenance that can pay dividends by acknowledging problem areas early and creating a plan of attack on fixing them in a timely manner. We are here at Ranch Roofing to help every step of the way including full roof replacements and repairs. For questions, concerns, or to schedule a replacement, feel free to contact us.