summer roof installation

5 Helpful Tips To Prepare for a Roof Installation in the Summer

A summertime roof installation is the idyllic project for most homeowners. If you follow proper spring cleaning and fall cleanup steps, your roofing system will be at its healthiest point of the year. The days are longer, allowing roofing crews adequate time during the day to complete and project, and homeowners can spend the day outside with the family to escape the noise. Much like any other point in the year, there are some helpful tips and tricks we have learned over the years to help homeowners prepare for a roof installation.

Ensure Proper Cleanup Before Your Roof Installation

One thing we have harped time and time again is the need for proper roof cleanup during the spring and fall months. A healthy roof is a happy roof, and the easiest way to ensure year round health is to ensure your roof is free of debris and other contaminants. To ensure your roofing project is completed in an adequate amount of time, a helpful tip is to ensure a clean, blank canvas for your roofing contractor. A roof installation is an easy project for a quality roofing contractor when cleaning is not an additional task for the project. Also, by keeping a clean roof, contractors will be able to see any potential damaged spots much easier, ensuring your project goes off without any hitches

Be Prepared for a Lot of Action

One major benefit of a summertime roof installation is you can spend the day outside. More fun activities are open to take the kids way from your home during the summer. A traditional roof installation has many moving parts, with workers coming and going from your yard during the entirety of the project. By keeping your children and pets out of the yard, you can make the process run much more smoothly and keep your loved ones safe.

Be Mindful of Roof Installation Noise

In following up with the action, a traditional roofing project is a loud project. Homeowners should be mindful of the noise that will be made and make work arrangements if they work from home. This noise will not only be distracting but may also scare your pets. Making arrangements prior to the project will be important to ensure you and your family are not disturbed during this short process. Similarly, a kind gesture will be to let your neighbors know of the upcoming project so that they too will be able to make arrangements.

Clear Your Attic

If you’re like most homeowners, your attic is home to a lot of items from clothing to toys. A roof installation can stir up copious amounts of dust and debris from the nails being hammered into the shingles. Much like a roof installation at any other time of the year, it is wise to remove items hanging on walls close to the roof and cover any valuables in the attic that you do not covered with dust. This is simply best practice to alleviate extra cleaning after the project has been completed.

Do a Little Bit of Landscaping

Prior to any roof installation, it is wise to cut your grass and trim some trees. A quality roofing contractor will put down drop cloths and coverings to catch any fallen debris or nails. This is not a completely foolproof option, and they will often walk your yard with magnets to ensure no nails are left behind. By trimming your grass shortly before your roofing project, stray nails and debris will be much easier to find after the project has been completed. Also, trimming trees that may hang over your roof will not only help your roofing contractor complete the job easier, but it will also help if your future roof cleaning efforts.

A roof installation is an important project for any homeowner to complete, to best ensure their home stays warm and dry. A quality roofing contractor will make sure your project goes as smoothly as possible. Keep these tips in mind during your next summertime roof installation project. For help on your next project, contact us today!