summer roof installation

5 Things to Consider With a Summer Roof Installation

Summer roofing maintenance is an idyllic project for most homeowners. Especially if you follow proper spring roofing tips and steps to care for roofing in winter, your roofing system will be at its healthiest point of the year. Since the days are longer, roofing crews have adequate time during the day to complete summer roofing projects, and homeowners can spend the day at the beach or away from the noise. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you prepare for a summer roofing event.

Ensure Proper Cleanup Before Your Summer Roofing Installation

While we hope you did your roof maintenance in the previous months, you’ll need to complete that work before your summer roofing project begins. For a healthy roof, continually check on your roof, and take action to make sure that  your roof is free of debris and other contaminants. When cleaning is not an additional task for the summer roofing project, a roof installation is an easy task for a qualified roofing contractor. A clean roof also helps contractors see and manage any potential damaged spots, which expedites the completion of your roof repair or roof replacement.

Prepare Your Space

One major benefit of summer roofing work is that you may be able to  spend the day away from the home or outside elsewhere. A traditional roof installation has many moving parts, such as workers coming and going from your yard, portions of your yard or space being unavailable, or unexpected noise or project waste. By keeping your family, including children and pets, out of the yard, you can make the summer roof maintenance a safer and more efficient experience for all.

Anticipate Summer Roofing Noise

In addition to thinking about movement within your space, homeowners should be also thinking about the noise of the roofing project, as they are a traditionally loud endeavor.

Due to the distracting and potentially scary noise, you might work from home to help alleviate any anxiety for your pets or make arrangements to be with the entire family at the house of a friend or family member. Making arrangements prior to the project will ensure that you and your family are as minimally impacted as possible during this summer roofing process. Similarly, notifying  your neighbors of the upcoming project kindly gives them the opportunity to make their own arrangements, if necessary.

Clear Your Attic

If you’re like most homeowners, your attic is supplemental storage for anything from clothing to toys to keepsakes. Summer roofing work can stir up copious amounts of dust and debris from the nails being hammered into the shingles. As with a roof installation at any other time of the year, it is wise to remove items hanging on walls close to the roof and cover any valuables in the attic that you do not want impacted by dust or potential debris. This advanced preparation will help alleviate extra cleaning after the summer roofing project has been completed.

Attend to Your Landscaping

Prior to any summer roofing installation, cutting your grass and trimming trees will help workers locate any stray nails and debris with greater ease after the project has been completed and make for an easier approach to the project overall. A quality roofing contractor will put down drop cloths and coverings to catch these items during the process and may also walk your yard with magnets to check for nails in particular, since the drop cloths aren’t a fool proof solution. Additionally, trees that may hang over your roof will not only help your roofing contractor complete the summer roofing work with greater ease, visibility, and speed, but it will also help your future roof cleaning efforts.

A Final Note on Summer Roofing Project Preparation

A roof installation is an important project for any homeowner to complete, and a quality roofing contractor will make sure your project goes as smoothly as possible. Anticipating the needs of your summer roofing installation project can help support an easy, fast, and positive experience for all. For help on your next summer roof maintenance, contact us today!