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What Goes Into a Roof Replacement Cost?

What goes into a roof replacement cost is a common question that all roofers hear. Often, replacing a roof is more than just removing old shingles and nailing in new shingles. There are many factors that influence a roof replacement cost from types of shingles used, to overall quality of materials. A quality roofing company will be very transparent in their pricing, often outlining all of the materials used, alongside estimated labor. This is the mark of a good roofing company, as homeowners should always be comfortable in the quality of their home’s roofing system.

Types of Roofing Shingles Impact Roof Replacement Cost

Asphalt shingles have always been the gold standard when it comes to a quality roofing system. This type of shingle is often less expensive than their slate counterparts, while still offering weather protection and a strong lifespan. On the other hand, slate tile roofs are more expensive but possess a substantially longer lifespan. In terms of lifespan versus overall cost, asphalt and slate are roughly the same, but homeowners often choose asphalt as their lifespan is still quite strong.

Quality Roofers Choose Quality Materials

As is the case with almost every product known to man, higher quality roofing materials are often more expensive than their lesser quality counterparts which play into a roof replacement cost. A major component of a quality roofing system is the underlayment. Less expensive roofing contractors will choose lower quality underlayment and ice and water shield to keep their costs low. While this may seem attractive to most homeowners, the lower quality does decrease the expected lifespan, which can lead to premature failure of the overall roofing system.

Various Extra Costs Can Add Up When Determining Roof Replacement Cost

Especially in the Northeast, proper roof ventilation is paramount to a quality roofing system. If your ventilation needs to be repaired during a roof installation, or completely installed, it can greatly influence your roof replacement cost. As previously stated, an itemized estimate will outline these costs, so you can better understand exactly what goes into this process. Similarly, if you are replacing or installing a new skylight, your costs will be higher than a standard roof replacement.

Unforeseen Costs

Previous damage to your roof that needs repair can inflate costs when replacing your roof. To ensure a quality replacement, a roofing company will ensure that all areas are properly repaired when replacing your roof. Proper repairs can range from small costs to large expenses, especially when there are high needs to plywood. Also, while nails may seem like a trivial cost, a roof needs a lot of nails to be properly installed, which is often an incremental cost that most homeowners may overlook.

In all, there are many different costs that all up when roofing companies create roof replacement cost estimates. At Ranch Roofing, our great sales team will walk you through your estimate prior to the job so that you properly understand all of the costs and can feel sure in your decision. To schedule an estimate or to talk to a member of our sales team, contact us today!