Winter Roofing

The Pros and Cons of Winter Roofing

If you’re looking for a roofer for repair or replacement, there is no real bad time, including the winter! While you may think that your issue can wait until spring, cracks and leaks can be further exacerbated by harsh weather. Not every day will be a perfect roofing day in the winter, in fact some days make it impossible. However, in New England, roofs don’t wait for spring to leak or crack. Plus, things like ice dams only happen in the winter. As a result, Ranch Roofing offers our winter roofing services throughout the greater Boston area. Finally, we work in the winter and would be more than happy to assist in your project, keeping you dry and warm through the winter months. Here are some pros and cons we often see working in the field.

Pros of Winter Roofing


Ability to be Proactive


Leaks, especially during winter simply cannot wait. When these leaks turn to ice, the consequential expansion can further damage holes and cracks. When this happens, you are opening the possibility of the leak getting worse and more progressive as the poor weather continues. This will keep you dry throughout the winter and prevent the possibility of mold growth in the ensuing seasons.



Also listed on the cons list, one’s availability for roofing in the winter is often better than during the summer. We are able to squeeze in and schedule projects sooner and easier than during the busy summer months. This is helpful for more immediate needs with less of an issue in terms of scheduling projects that work for you, the homeowner. As we are located in the heart of Arlington, the greater Boston area is easily accessible, aiding in our availability.

Cons of Roofing in the Winter


Roofing in Cold Weather


Harsh conditions can lead to a very dangerous situation for our roofers. Therefore, there are days during the winter where we are unable to work on your roof due to the safety concerns of our team. This can also pertain to conditions on the roof deck itself. If it is too slick, we do not risk the safety of our Arlington roofers. Finally, wind is a concern. Gust above certain thresholds will keep us off of the roof, no matter the season. Roofing in the winter can be dangerous at times; however, it doesn’t keep us off the roof all winter long.


While roofing in cold weather, some of our material will not perform as needed during abnormally cold days. In most cases, once the sun has risen, temperatures on the roof are adequate for adhesives and the shingles themselves. On bitter cold days, our materials will not cooperate, leading to an undesired outcome for both us and the customer. When working as your roofer in Arlington, we will find days that work for both parties to ensure your happiness with the final product.

Roof issues should not wait just due to the weather. While there may be days we cannot make it on to your roof, here at Ranch Roofing, we are prepared year round to help with roofing in the winter. See this post from the Back Bay that shows we aren’t afraid of roofing in cold weather.

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