Winter Roofing

Winter Roofing Tips for the Cold Weather

If you’re looking for a roofer for repair or replacement, there is no real bad time, including the winter! While you may think that your issue can wait until spring, cracks and leaks can be further exacerbated by harsh weather. Not every day will be a perfect roofing day in the winter, in fact some days make it impossible. However, in New England, roofs don’t wait for spring to leak or crack. Plus, things like ice dams only happen in the winter. As a result, Ranch Roofing offers our winter roofing services throughout the greater Boston area. Finally, we work in the winter and would be more than happy to assist in your project, keeping you dry and warm through the winter months. Here are tips for roofing in the winter.

Benefits of Roofing in Winter


While many homeowners are skeptical of roofing in the winter, a professional roofing company has no problems with cold weather roofing. At Ranch Roofing, we install quality roofing systems year-round and any other reputable winter roofing company will do the same. From residential roofing to commercial projects, the winter weather does not pose any concerns with a quality roof installation. Additionally, the winter and spring months show leaks and holes in roofs due to the increase in snow and rain. Plus, on warm winter days, homeowners start to observe leaks caused by ice dams that indicate poor attic ventilation. As a result, roofing in the winter helps mitigate future issues by addressing them in real time and not waiting for problems to compound while waiting for the weather to warm.

Winter Roofing Offers the Ability to be Proactive


Leaks, especially during winter simply cannot wait. When these leaks turn to ice, the consequential expansion can further damage holes and cracks. When this happens, you are opening the possibility of the leak getting worse and more progressive as the poor weather continues. This will keep you dry throughout the winter and prevent the possibility of mold growth in the ensuing seasons.

More Availability During the Winter


Roofing season starts to build during the spring, peak during the summer and cool off during the fall. Generally, winter is reserved for ancillary roofing projects, such as gutter cleaning and clearing ice dams. As a result, winter roofing companies are eager for larger jobs, such as roof replacement or repair projects. For homeowners, fixing a pending leak (which might be recently discovered due to an ice dam) during the winter saves countless hours of headaches wondering if the next storm will cause a bigger issue. With all home services, preventative maintenance saves time and money over time, but addressing issues head on is the next best step. Quality roofing companies have more bandwidth during the winter, so projects can be scheduled promptly during the winter.

For homeowners and other building owners, roofing in the winter does require a few caveats when compared to the spring and summer. First and most importantly, winter roofing requires more planning because severely cold and frigid temperatures impacts the quality of materials. Therefore, during cold spells, projects may need to be delayed until temperates rise a bit. Related to the colder weather, projects tend to take longer because winter roofing companies take additional safety precautions due to potential snow and/or ice spots on the existing roof. Additionally, nail guns are known to jam more frequently in colder temperatures, so the weather does impact performance slightly.

Winter Roofing Maintenance Tips


While roofing in the winter is common for professionals, most homeowners prefer to avoid home projects during cold weather. After all, roofing projects require a minimum of a day or two, which is slightly longer during cold temperatures. As a result, if you want to avoid roofing in cold weather, then some preventative maintenance tips help. So, if your roof is leaking in the winter or you think you may need a roof replacement in the winter, rest assured because a few simple tips help mitigate urgent winter roofing projects.

  • Remove Snow

Although a snow-topped roof is picturesque, particularly around the holidays, it is potentially damaging to your roof. Snow and ice cause two potential issues. First, with large amounts of snow and/or ice, the weight can potentially compromise the integrity of the roof. Second, the freezing, melting, freezing of snow during the day and at night are the main driver behind ice dams. As a result, if temperatures hover around freezing, consider working with a roof maintenance company or utilizing a roof rake to clear snow.

  • Repair and/or Replace Flashing

During your fall roof maintenance, look at the flashing to determine if it needs to be repaired or replaced. Like most things exposed to inclement weather conditions, flashing can warp or loosen over time. If warping occurs, then excess moisture can build in the roof. Similar issues can occur with shingles and gutters. As a result, a proactive approach to monitoring the anatomy of your roof mitigates emergency roof replacement in the winter.

  • Watch Out for Wind Damage

While snow storms and cold spells get all of the headlines during winter weather stories, wind damage can be quite frequent. In particularly, New England winter storms pack lots of wind, so to avoid urgent roof replacement in the winter, check your roof following big storms. Related, clear the debris from your roof and gutters prior to pending storms. This step helps reduce the need for roof repairs in cold weather. Finally, working with a quality winter roofing company means installing shingles in cold weather is not a concern (following the storm).

Other Cold Weather Roofing Info


In addition to low temperatures causing potential safety concerns, certain materials will not perform as required during abnormally cold days. However, typically once the sun rises, temperatures on the roof are adequate for adhesives and the shingles themselves. On bitter cold days, our materials will not cooperate, leading to an undesired outcome. As a result, some unexpected weather delays may occur to ensure a high quality roofing system is installed.

Also, the harsh conditions lead to potentially dangerous situations for roofers as well. Therefore, there are days during the winter the prohibit experienced roofers from working due to personal safety. Following storms, snow and ice potentially presents a slick surface that is untenable for roofers to perform a quality installing in the cold weather. Finally, (like summer storms) wind presents an obstacle as well. Gust above certain thresholds prevents roofers from working on the roof. Roofing in the winter can be dangerous at times; however, it doesn’t keep us off the roof all winter long.

Roof issues should not wait just due to the weather. While there may be days experienced roofing companies cannot make it on to your roof, the profession is year round (even in cold weather conditions). For example, our team at Ranch Roofing proudly completed a roof replacement in the winter in the Back Bay that shows a successful roof installation in cold weather.

Due to the fact that our customers need roofs year-round, Ranch Roofing prides ourselves in our ability to install and repair roofs in the Northeast no matter the month. Whether it is a repair or full roof replacement in the winter, we are here to discuss your winter roofing project.

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