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A Beginner’s Guide to Roofing in Newton

Are you new to the Newton community and looking to learn more about this beautiful town? Located 7 miles to the west of Boston, Newton is a popular community for those employed in the city. Close enough to work, while also being far enough from the hustle and bustle of the city, Newton has something for just about everyone. Unlike a traditional town, Newton is made up of 13 smaller villages, each containing their own “downtown” areas with ample amounts of green spaces, shopping, and dining. Also finding quality contractors for new homeowners can always be a difficult task.

As a Newton roofing company, we simply love being members of the community, while standing by our work. We welcome and encourage tough questions and honest feedback, as these are important conduits to building trust with our community members. And, we recommend asking these questions to all of your potential contractors. If you are new to the Newton community or just looking for roofing in Newton, we know that this can be a lot. To help, the following “Beginner’s Guide” offers some tips and tricks for roofing in Newton.

How to be Confident in Your Choice for Roofing in Newton


Roof work is a necessary evil for all homeowners at least once. But how exactly can you be confident in your choice of contractor? This is where reviews come into play. Roof reviews can come in many forms, including online and word of mouth. What better way to gain an understanding of roof installation in Newton than from first-hand experience. Once you’ve created a short list of contractors that specialize in roofing in Newton, you can start asking some questions.

When you first meet with any roofing company, it is important to go in with a strategy in place. Asking some key questions will put you on the right track for finding the right roofing company for your project:

  • Is the company licensed & insured?
  • What is the quality of the materials the contractor plans to use?
  • What is the company’s record and credentials/qualifications?
  • What is the warranty and what source does it come from?
  • Where can I find recom­mendations on the company?
  • What is the overall cost going to be?

Roof Repair in Newton Tips


Due to the expansive nature of the homes in the town, residential roof repair in Newton is not an overly difficult endeavor. Access to various parts of your roofing system is quite easy as compared to more densely populated areas like Boston. The areas for finding contractors specializing in roof repair in Newton is much like replacement contractors. You may be at a scenario where your new to you home simply needs a repair. Finding local roof repair contractors can be done through Google and other web-based review sites like GuildQuality and FreshChalk. Also, even though you may be new to town, you may have a network of friends and neighbors that can lend some valuable advice. Don’t be afraid to ask around, this may present a great opportunity to meet your neighbors.

As previously stated, due to the size of the homes, and density, roof repair in Newton is not difficult. Roofing contractors can much easily access every part of your roof without having to deal with land disputes from neighbors. As most Newton roofing contractors offer free estimates, this may be a great time to schedule one just to gain an understanding of your current roof situation. Leaks, wear, and growths continue to get worse as time passes. It is wise to stay on top of them before a full replacement is necessary.

Skylight Installation in Newton


There are many benefits to skylights ranging from enhanced lighting and vitamin D, to increased airflow and ventilation. Skylight installation in Newton is not a difficult task, nor should it be. As the town is spread out, skylights are not blocked or hindered by neighboring buildings. Also, due to the enhanced green spaces, the increased airflow will be fantastic for the health of your home. Similar to roof repair, during skylight installation in Newton, roofing contractors will have easy access to your roof.

One major benefit of installing skylights is their positive effect on home heating. This is especially crucial for towns in the northeast like Newton. Skylights are environmentally friendly for the fact that they utilize solar heating. Also, skylights make your home feel much more spacious by adding natural light. Skylight repair in Newton is also a popular route for homeowners, especially with newly purchased homes. This often confuses customers, as skylight repair is more so replacing existing skylights. In the long run, costs are similar, as a major cost in skylight installation is the initial labor to create the space.


Why Work with Ranch Roofing for Roofing in Newton?


Ranch Roofing has been a leader in Newton roofing since its inception in 1996. Run by the same owner for 25 years, the same commitment to quality and excellence still stands. We have completed more than 150 roofs in Newton, and your home could be next. Our mission has not changed since those early days of “Ranch-Style only homes”. Even though Ranch Roofing has grown today to one of the largest residential roofing firms in Eastern Massachusetts Bob O’Sullivan still runs things same. Mr. O’Sullivan has preached for two decades, “install every roof as if it were your own.” We still do.


Ranch Roofing has hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the Boston area and especially in Newton. Don’t believe us? Here are some first-hand reviews from our customers:

This was by far the best home renovation experience I have ever had. I give them A+ in all areas.

For one, they were responsive to phone calls, which if you do any projects on your home, you know that people getting back is a big problem. Don came out and gave us very detailed information about what he thought it would entail. He was the only one to want to look at places inside the house that would give him more info on the state of the roof. They take their time answering questions and working with your needs and budget. Their quote came in the middle ish of the quotes we got, but there were no surprises and no extra costs, which can make their way into other projects.

They arrived on time, were focused and efficient. They communicated with us throughout the job. Dave, who ran our roofing, was outstanding. The roof was finished in exactly the time frame they said. Their cleanup was phenomenal. Nothing left on our property. It looks great and everything happened …

When my roof developed a leak, I did what I imagine most people on Angie’s List do, I called 6+ of the “A” rated roofers for my area (Newton Centre) for opinions and estimates. I talked to probably 3 that were serious about my roof (including Ranch Roofing). 1-2 that weren’t serious about my roof and 1 that came across as a scam artist. After weighing the pros/cons of each proposal and price we settled on Ranch Roofing for our project. I think the difference was the amount of time the salesman spent thinking about and talking to us about our project. Several other salespeople barely showed up, just said “I got your roof off Google Earth, and I want $16,000 please” (but I digress from Ranch Roofing). The day of the actual job, everyone from Ranch was very professional, courteous, and responsive to me. They all seemed happy to talk with me and answer any questions.