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Past Five Year Results

Our final five-year results are in. The returns are phenomenal. Ranch Roofing remains the front runner for roofing projects in the greater Cambridge area. It’s likely Ranch Roofing has replaced a roof on your street. Perhaps we even installed one on your neighbor’s home. Ranch Roofing has changed thousands of roofs in the greater Cambridge area over 25 years. The numbers don’t lie. If you want an estimate from a Cambridge roofing company that many homeowners have already elected to choose, Ranch Roofing wins in a landslide.

Some of the greater Boston communities we service include:

Arlington, hometown to Ranch Roofing, is known for great hilly terrain. We have provided over 200 Arlington roofing services near Broadway, Warren Street, and many other Arlington locations.

Bedford Center is loaded with great Victorians and Colonials houses where Ranch Roofing has installed many roofs. As a trusted Bedford roofing contractor, we have installed roofs in over 100 homes!

Skylight installation in Cambridge, particularly Harvard Square, is a favorite of Ranch Roofing. As a trusted Cambridge roofing company, we have installed over 200 commercial, condominium, and residential roofing systems since 1996.

Concord has also had an impressive history with Ranch Roofing, featuring over 200 Concord roof repairs and installations during the past few years.

As a professional Medford roofer, we have installed over 150 roofs during the past few years. You can often find a Ranch Roofing truck and crew around town installing new roofing systems.

There are many Ranch Roofing systems protecting beautiful homes in Newton. As a trusted Newtown roofing contractor, we have installed over 150 roofs in this community!

If you are driving near Cedarwood Ave. and Florence Road, you likely just passed one of our many Waltham roofing installations. As an expert roofing contractor in Waltham, MA, we’ve provided roofing services to over 200 homes in this community!

For over two decades, Ranch Roofing has provided quality roofing in Weston, MA to over 100 homes including houses on Boston Post Road, Merriam Street, and the Valley Pond.

Ranch Roofing is proud to have provided Wellesley, MA roofing services. Areas such as Wellesley Farms, Wellesley Square, and Lower Falls are some examples of where Ranch Roofing has installed over 150 roofs in the community!

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