Asphalt Roofing

An asphalt shingle roof remains the most popular roofing cover today and recent advances in technologies have made brands even more durable. The approach to asphalt roofing has changed in many ways over the past few years. The best asphalt shingle installation practice for your home depends on many factors relating specifically to your existing structure. A Ranch Roofing representative will explain what system is best for your home during an onsite appointment.

Rubber Roofing

It was not that many years ago that kettles were polluting our environment with black smoke for flat tar roofing. Yuck! Today rubber roofing technology is a cleaner, better system. There are variables to consider when determining the best rubber roof installation practice for a low sloped roof. Items like chimneys, drains, skylights, air conditioners as well as draining need to be addressed. A Ranch Roofing representative will evaluate your complete rubber flat roofing situation during an onsite appointment.

Slate Roofing

There is no roofing material that matches the richness, beauty and longevity of slate. A fantastic slate roof increases your home’s appeal and its value. Slate roofing is a lost art and Ranch Roofing, with our knowledge and experience, has been trusted with many slate shingle projects during the past few years. Ranch Roofing representatives are available to help devise your plan for a slate roof installation, showcasing this wonderful natural material.