Bedroom Skylight Ideas for Any Style

15+ Bedroom Skylight Ideas to Style Your Space

Adding a bedroom skylight can complement or enhance the interior design style of any space. From emphasizing rest or an open, airy feel to highlighting unique pieces of furniture or lighting designs, skylight installations add value to your home and to your most personal space. Choosing the right skylight contractor, like the team at Ranching Roofing, also helps ensure that the vision you have for your bedroom and skylight inclusion or any other roofing project will be realized. As you brainstorm how a skylight can add to the aesthetic of your bedroom, explore the main types of skylights and special skylight features that may be particularly beneficial in this location. Then, peruse over some fun, exciting and unique bedroom skylight ideas that upgrade your space and lend themselves to a variety of design styles.

What to Know About Bedroom Skylight Options and Features


There are multiple benefits of installing a skylight in your bedroom or other room in your house, regardless of whether you have a flat roof, metal roof or other roofing type or choose a traditional skylight, dome skylight or solar tube skylight. Certainly, each different roofing system and skylight option have their own unique consideration, just as each residence has its own individual needs and each homeowner has their own style. Relative to bedroom skylights, here are some skylight choices and additional features that are especially useful in that space, beyond the primary bonus of increasing the availability of natural light.

There are two primary types of skylights: fixed skylights and operable skylights. Fixed skylights cannot be opened and closed, though a ventilation system may be added. Operable skylights can be opened, either by using an attached or extended crank handle to control their movement or by remote control or other automated system. Solar venting skylights, one of the most premiere selections in operable skylights, may also be accompanied by a tax credit.

With high ceilings in a bedroom, fixed skylights may be the perfect feature, since light more than the additional creation of space may be most desirable. In more traditional bedrooms, an operable skylight may be the key to adding an open and airy feel to the room as well as more light. For privacy or sleep support, motorized shades or blinds are a preferred addition to skylights. Rain sensors can be particularly helpful for protecting your space, especially if a love of fresh air tends to have you keeping any windows or skylights open at all times. In addition to these functionality features, skylights also offer the potential for custom designs to align with your bedroom style, including skylight shape, glaze, frame material or finish, grilles or other decorative touches. Understandably, skylight pricing ranges accordingly based on the level of functionality and number and type of included special features.

Bedroom Skylight Ideas: Ways to Emphasize Your Style and Enhance Your Space!


In primary bedrooms or any other bedrooms in the home, a skylight can help celebrate what the space has to offer as well as what you value and enjoy. To help you brainstorm ways in which a skylight may achieve a variety of purposes and intentions, explore the following bedroom skylight ideas.

  1. Highlight ceiling height and customized lighting designs with skylights! Skylights draw the eye and serve as spotlights for these features. The dual placement of skylights can also distinguish the simplicity of the resting space from other furniture and functions in the bedroom. Having two skylights in a shared line of vision also makes the room seem even more spacious.

bedroom skylight ideas that accentuates custom lighting

  1. A skylight can also emphasize pieces of furniture. Its functional use over a bedside table gently welcomes the arrival of morning and reduces the need to rely on an electric light source. However, this placement can also be used to bring attention to an heirloom dresser or colorful accent piece.
  2. Plant-lovers will rejoice with a skylight layout like this one that makes hanging plants the star and cultivates their well-being. Especially in locations where views of nature may be limited, the opportunity to replicate outdoor space inside of a home’s interior can be incredibly beneficial.

bedroom skylight ideas that accentuates a hanging plant

  1. Similarly, hanging features like plants or tapestries could also be used to divide the space or create a sense of luxury through a drape selection. As with hanging plants, the skylight installation could also place the spotlight on beloved art pieces or other decorative textiles or designs.
  2. Another bedroom skylight idea is to use it to draw attention to shelving and displays, such as unique timepieces or a beloved book collection. Similarly, its light may also highlight an exhibit of collectibles from one’s travels, important family mementos or other items of personal value or special interest.

bedroom skylight ideas that accentuates a bookcase

  1. Skylights in the main bedroom draw attention to its greater size and features that distinguish it from other bedrooms in the household. Its location in this room sets off the en-suite bathroom and additional closet and further accentuates the abundance of natural light provided by the windows around the bed. In other main bedrooms, it might spotlight a fireplace, art piece or other architectural highlights.

bedroom skylight ideas that accentuates natural light

  1. A ventilated skylight in this location may also help mitigate any heat or moisture buildup from the bathroom, as well as chemicals or other scents. It may also offer enough light, even at night, to be able to move from the bed to the bathroom without having to turn on an additional light source.
  2. From bold color palettes or vivid accent walls, skylights can further emphasize these chosen hues or design approaches. Including a skylight on a white ceiling may also increase the light availability around the space.

bedroom skylight ideas that accentuates bright colors

  1. The size and location of the skylight in this bedroom emphasize the purpose of the designated area. Centered directly on the desk, the skylight creates a distinct workspace, even within the bedroom itself. Despite its proximity to a place of rest, natural light and the installation location can serve to indicate the individual functions of other areas within the bedroom.

bedroom skylight ideas that accentuates lighting for a workspace

  1. Although the skylight is over the desk area instead of the bed, the bedroom itself still benefits from increased natural light. Additionally, the location of the skylight and its direct presence creates an uplifting setting, and natural light is also thought to contribute to increased productivity.
  2. Placing skylights over a bed bathes the bed in natural light during the day and offers an evening indulgence of starry views. Especially in a smaller room where the bed may take up the majority of the space, the skylight feature increases the sense of the surrounding and vertical space.

bedroom skylight ideas that accentuates vertical space in smaller rooms

  1. Multiple skylights with ventilation features may help cultivate tranquility and wellness. While creating this atmosphere may be linked to a stylistic preference, it may also be essential for those who experience sleep struggles or difficulty with temperature regulation.
  2. Skylights in the bedrooms and in areas throughout the home can encourage the exploration of architectural details, such as exposed wooden beams and high ceilings with notable features like historic and original ceiling medallions or woodwork. Whether the skylights are placed above or below the beams, they draw the eye upward to these designs and further enhance the spaciousness of the room.

bedroom skylight ideas that accentuates architectural features

  1. In addition to increasing the open feel of the room and facilitating interest in special architectural features, another bedroom skylight idea is to maximize skylight placement to highlight details closer to the bed itself like blankets or rugs. Turn the attention toward your great-grandmother’s quilt or the rug you picked up on one of your international travels with the use of a skylight.
  2. In terms of home value, a primary bedroom is often understood to be the largest bedroom in the home and typically includes an en-suite bathroom. A walk-in closet is another feature most often associated with this main bedroom, and using a skylight in either the bedroom itself or in the attached rooms, like the bathroom or the closet, can set your bedroom apart from others. Many people also enjoy seeing their chosen outfits or complete looks in natural light, so the skylight feature offers many benefits both to the home’s value and the utility of the space.

bedroom skylight ideas that accentuates a walk-in closet

  1. Give prominence to a unique and centralized chandelier or other lighting fixture in conjunction with your skylight addition. Even when it is off, it may still glow with the natural light of the skylight.

bedroom skylight ideas that accentuates natural light and other lighting fixtures

  1. Creating a mirroring effect leveraging both skylights and window installations also provides the feeling of being surrounded by nature, in addition to the enjoyment of stunning views and an open design.
  2. Throughout a residential location or condominium complex, the very design of the skylights can be the most enticing bedroom skylight design idea. Their own structure may be unique, and they may also be located to highlight design nuances like flooring selections, archways and alcoves.

bedroom skylight ideas that accentuates the room itself

As you consider integrating skylights into a bedroom or in other rooms in your residential or commercial location, Ranch Roofing is here to collaborate with you. On skylight installations as well as new roofing systems and other roofing services, we offer free estimates. Our team proudly serves the greater Boston area and looks forward to working with you on your upcoming project. Start your skylight or other roofing needs by contacting us today!