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Brookline Roofer Shares its Favorite Town Views

The town of Brookline Massachusetts is not often viewed as being as historically significant or relevant as nearby Concord or Lexington. That is not to say that there aren’t incredible landmarks and sites within this town. As a leading Brookline roofer, our team has grown quite fond of Brookline and some of its lesser known attractions. A brief search on Google or Wikipedia can lead you down a rabbit hole regarding the neat and fun history of Brookline, from having the first private outdoor club now known as the secretive “The Country Club” to being home to one of the oldest puppet theaters in the entire country. Brookline is a fascinating town west of Boston and its sights and sounds are a favorite for this Brookline roofer. Our team has compiled a list of some of our favorite parts of Brookline, with some being much lesser known that others.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Historical Site

Brookline is best known as the birthplace of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States. Elected as the first Catholic, JFK quickly grew to one of the most charismatic and favored presidents our country has ever had. The National Park Service (NPS) owns and maintains JFK’s birth house at 83 Beals St in Brookline. Today, the park is available for free visits to the grounds, with a fee charged to enter the home and visit the museum that has been curated by the NPS. This site is interesting as it falls with a small suburb within Brookline and can be easily missed but it is still a favorite for this Brookline roofer. Interested visitors can find more information about the park and the museum straight from the JKF page from the National Park Service.

Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site

Following the trend of buildings on the national registry of historic places we have the Frederick Law Olmstead National Historic Site. While that name is a mouthful, this facility is also run by the NPS in an effort to preserve the beauty of the 7-acre site. Frederick Law Olmsted was considered to be the founder of landscape architecture and used this site as his office to practice his craft. Some of Olmsted’s works include the US Capitol and White House which shows just how revered this man’s services were. Today visitors can explore the perfectly manicured grounds and even visit the office that remains largely unchanged. This is a stunning facility that is a joy to look at from the roofs of Brookline. More can be found Frederick law Olmsted page on the NPS page.

Larz Anderson Park and Museum

Larz Anderson was an American Diplomat that had strong ties to New England in the form of two homes. Anderson’s Brookline estate sat on 64 acres and was used as a summer retreat for the Anderson family. Today this area has been divided into a park alongside a museum that is home to Larz’s vast automobile collection. The museum is the oldest collection of vehicles in the country and a must visit for any automotive enthusiast

In all, Brookline is a fantastic town that is home to an eclectic array of landmarks. As a leading Brookline roofer we have spent our fair share of time within the city and have grown fond of the sights it has to offer. For more about our work in Brookline, contact us today.