guide to roof repair

Guide to Roof Leak Repair

A need for roof leak repair is an unfortunate situation for any homeowner to find themselves in. Your roofing system can develop leaks both large and small through a variety of factors. Installation issues, damage, and moss are common causes of leaks. Most roof leaks that are in need of repair begin as small innocuous faults in the roof. These often grow the longer they are left untreated. The issue here is most leaks are not readily apparent. Homeowners don’t notice until it is past necessary to begin exploring proper roof leak repair options. While it won’t look like much to start, it is necessary to always reach out to your local roofing contractor. They can then begin the repair process on a much smaller scale and cost.

There are several steps to a roof leak repair, as well as certain things homeowners should be aware of at the first sight of water or damage.

Preventing the Need for Roof Leak Repair


We’d be remiss if we didn’t touch on the need for proper roof cleaning to minimize the risks of developing a leak in the first place. Most leaks are caused by damage from watershed issues and damage. Both stem from excess debris building up on your roofing system. While not always the case, it is imperative to clean your roofing system regularly to ensure it remains as healthy as possible through its lifespan.

Roof Leaks Are Not Always Obvious


In most cases, roof leaks may have an obvious source or evidence as to where the problem areas are located. In some cases, especially on dry days, it is quite difficult to determine the source or area responsible for a leak. Contractors do their best to determine the source, however, quality contractors won’t start rook leak repairs blind. Most will actually wait for another storm to pass through to determine the source. Another option some will opt for is to use a hose on your roofing system to speed this process along. Once the source has been located, you can then move into the repair process.

Quoting Roof Leak Repairs


Much like a roof replacement, repairs are not an inexpensive venture. Once the source of a leak has been identified, contractors will draft quotes or estimates outlining what needs to be done to eradicate your leak. This is the area of most transparency that separates quality contractors from their peers, quotes should outline exactly what needs to be done, with no excess charges or unnecessary work.

Repairing Leaks


Different approaches to repairs depend on the leaking area. For example, if flashing is the culprit over an actual hole, the repair process looks much different, as the roof deck will remain untouched, and new flashing will be installed. Depending on the severity, structural pieces like the decking will need to be replaced to further ensure the leak doesn’t return, and the roofing system remains safe. Another common source of roof leak repairs we see often is around pipe and vent boots from bathrooms. It is relatively common for these areas to fail, which leads to simple and highly effective repairs.

Conversely, there will come points where full replacement is necessary due to the overall scope of the issue present. To help understand if roof repair or replacement might be needed, review our other blog posts for examples of different pieces of roof anatomy, and their unique jobs on the roofing system. Once again, the area and source of the leak determines which roof layer is impacted, and what pieces will need to be repair or replaced. Another common source of roof leak repairs is around bathroom vents. It is relatively common for these areas to fail, which leads to simple and highly effective repairs.

If your roof is leaking, it is past the time to consult with a qualified roofing contractor. Don’t be afraid to shop around. Give yourself the ability to weigh your options between price and quality. You want to be confident in the contractor you choose to do the best job possible. Ranch Roofing is always here to help with our free estimates and professional salespeople.