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A Newton Roofing Company’s Favorite Sights

As a leader in Newton roofing, we spend most of our time high above the cities in which we work. We appreciate all of the sights and sounds that are unique to each and every town. When we venture past the more historical towns in the greater Boston area, our favorite sights shift from historical landmarks to charming main streets that include neighborhood eateries and shops as well as parks and beaches. Now more than ever shopping locally is important to the overall survival of our small businesses.

Tucked on the western edge of Boston, Newton is a delightful little city that features large patches of green space for city goers to escape to. Newton is home to lush golf courses, sprawling historical cemeteries, and relaxing parks for its citizens. As a leading Newton roofing company, we have gathered a list of some of our favorite sights from high above this great town.

Newton Cemetery and Arboretum

While it may seem morbid to include a cemetery in a list of our favorite sites, but this is no ordinary cemetery. Credited as an official arboretum, Newton Cemetery and Arboretum is an important green space for Newton residents to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and return to nature. This area is home to a wide variety of wildlife for visitors to experience as well as ponds, trails, and a diverse assortment of trees. Also, this cemetery is a member of American Public Gardens Association which is responsible for the incredible gardens that are found dotted throughout the grounds. More information regarding hours, and the various tours that are offered can be found on the official Newton Cemetery and Arboretum website.

Webster Conservation Area

Under control by the nonprofit Newton Conservators, the Webster Conservation area is the largest public conservation area in the town of Newton. Created by the various acquirements of land between 1916 and 2019, the area consists of 131 acres with the longest trail walk being approximately two miles. This conservation is a year-round, multi-use area where visitors can reconnect with nature through walking, jogging, and cross-country skiing among many others. Webster is home to fissure caves and sandstone ledges, alongside a garden and pond. The area is a treat to visit for residents and travelers alike. More information about the various areas of the park can be found from the Newton Conservator.

Crystal Lake Beach

Owned and operated by the city of Newton, Crystal Lake and its beach offer a respite from the sun and heat during the summer months. Visitors must enter through the bathhouse to use the beach and costs vary by age and resident status. This is one of few public ponds and beaches where area residents can soak in the sun and water. Aside from public swimming, the pond also offers more recreation through permitted fishing, as it is stocked yearly with Rainbow trout. Fishing permits can be purchased at the Newton town hall and is required to fish at Crystal Lake. For more, the town of Newton shares the rules and regulation. As leaders in Newton roofing, we spend a fair amount of time on the roofs of Newton. We have come to appreciate the greenery and beauty of the towns in the area. For your Newton roofing needs we are available and ready to talk, contact us today!