should you move out during a roof replacement

Should You Move Out During Roof Replacement?

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Because it is a significant undertaking, roof replacement requires considerable planning. To schedule it properly, you need the right weather, experienced workers, and, of course, the money. But even if you complete all the planning and make all arrangements, there is still one question to answer. Many people wonder if they should move out during roof replacement or to stay in. Even though it seems pretty simple, in reality, there is no simple answer. In most cases, it will depend on the situation and several external factors.

Do you need to move out during roof replacement?

Technically, you don’t have to leave your home during roof replacement, but you probably should. If planned correctly, the entire project can be over in just a few days. Most people won’t mind the roofing specialists doing their job. However, there are certain situations when staying at home is maybe not the right choice. Because most of the work is done during working days, people will partially skip construction work by the time they get back from work. But, if you are retired, or maybe working from home, this may pose a problem for you.

Most professional roofing contractors won’t mind you staying at home. But, they will recommend you to stay out for a few days, especially if you are with the family. Whatever the choice, make sure to let your contractors know about your decision in advance so they can give you proper instructions.

If you move out during roof replacement

Roof replacement is everything but easy and simple. It involves many workers and includes plenty of construction work. As with every construction, this inevitably produces a lot of noise. If, for example, you work from a home office, this may disrupt you at some point. That’s why it’s recommended to find a temporary solution and stay away for a few days. On rare occasions, you may even need to move some of your furniture from the top floor. From our experience, it’s always better to use a moving company to help you transport your belongings to another location. According to Fit 2 Move, many people hire movers to remove them from their homes temporarily while the renovations are underway. Just don’t forget to talk to your roofing contractors before you leave. They will need your contact number and maybe access and keys to specific areas to get the job done.

If you decide to stay during roof replacement

On the other side, if you don’t mind staying at home during the roof replacement, you have to prepare. Talk with your roofers and ask them if there is anything you should know and prepare for. Typically, there will probably be a few instructions you will need to follow. Also, you will need to discuss a couple of measures of precautions if you have other family members around. Once everything is talked over and the inspection is complete, they will start the job.

If for whatever reason, you are still wondering if you should stay or not, there are several things you should think about.

What to consider if you are staying at home?

Here are a few things to carefully consider if you are thinking about staying at home during roof replacement:

  1. Prepare for the noise;
  2. Take care of the kids;
  3. Consider how your pet may react;
  4. Keep yourself out of the way;
  5. Take care of your cars before roof replacement begins;
  6. Remove outdoor furniture and protect landscaping.
  1. Prepare for the noise

As we have already mentioned, roof replacement, like many construction projects, produces a lot of noise. While people can usually tolerate this, it tends to become quite annoying after a few hours, especially since hammering will echo throughout the entire place.

  1. Take care of the kids

If you are a family with kids, consider how it can affect them. Smaller kids can negatively react to all the noise and people walking around your home. Also, even though workers pay maximum attention to safety, a construction site is never safe for children. If you do have to stay at home, at least take your kids to grandparents or find a similar solution until a replacement is over. If not, talk to your contractors about which areas should be off-limits to the kids.

  1. Consider how your pet may react

Another thing worth considering is your pets. Some animals can’t stand the prolonged exposure to noise. Generally speaking, it can make them frightened for a while even after all the work is complete. The best option is to find a temporary solution to keep them away from all that disturbance.

  1. Keep yourself out of the way

While the roof replacement is in progress, some parts around the house can be hazardous, primarily because pieces of debris may fall off, especially if you have a leaking roof. To keep yourself safe from potential injuries and avoid disrupting the workers, you should try to stay out of the way. The crew will instruct you and provide you with updates about specific sectors that need to remain empty.

  1. Take care of your cars before roof replacement begins

The best way to keep your cars and other vehicles safe during roof replacement is to keep them away from the house. Accidents happen when replacing old roofs, and something can easily fall off and damage your vehicle. Also, you don’t want to have your car trapped inside a construction site if you urgently need it.

  1. Remove outdoor furniture and protect landscaping

As for the yard and surroundings, you will need to remove all the outdoor furniture. Also, if there is any landscaping that needs special attention, ensure the proper protection before replacement begins. While most roofers are extremely careful and pay attention to safety, you never know if something can go wrong.

When you are planning to replace your roof, you have to consider numerous factors. Paying attention to details is the only way to keep everything safe and protected during construction work. This includes making a smart decision about whether to stay at home or move out during roof replacement. Of course, you will have the opportunity to consolidate with your contractors, but the final decision is entirely up to you.


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