fascia and soffits replacement

What Homeowners Should Know About Fascias and Soffits Replacement

Much like the need to replace flashing, fascias and soffits replacement often occurs during the installation of a new roofing system. These two important areas of the roof anatomy are much different than flashing. However, they still perform very necessary duties to ensure a healthy roof for years to come.

Additionally, roof ventilation is an important aspect of every roofing project. In particular, in the Northeast, the roof ventilation acts as the first line of defense against ice dams. While ridge vents at the top of a roof are the most observable ventilation piece, soffits are just as important to help an attic and roofing system breath. On the other hand, fascias are not as critical to roof function, but they help in making the project look finished, and to keep exposed edges safe and free from birds and rodents. This is not exactly a straightforward installation so there are several aspects homeowners should know about fascias and soffits replacement.

Fascias and Soffits Replacement Are Critical for a Finished Look


Fascias and soffits are some of the more eye-catching pieces on any roofing system, and keeping them in good working order leads to a more visually appealing and health roof. Additionally, soffits are critical to proper roof ventilation to allow air to pass through your roofing system properly. Why are soffits important? They are the pieces found under the eaves of your roof with holes to allow air passage. On the other hand, fascias are the trim pieces found along the roof edge next to the soffits and along the roof line. Fascias protect the vulnerable edges of the roofing system and really tie the whole project together. Fascia boards come in many different materials, and depend on the overall roof style, budget, and climate. This is the area that allows for gutters to be attached as well.

Weather Impacts Fascia & Soffit Repair or Replacement


Due to their location, both fascias and soffits face the majority of weather that your roofing system experiences. Based upon their materials, these areas, especially fascias, can rot which exposes your roof and attic to the weather. These boards are both aesthetic and functional for every roofing system. Therefore, their upkeep is paramount to overall roof health. At the same time, if soffits fail and/or become blocked, your roof health may suffer. As a result, homeowners may need soffit repair after some time due to local weather conditions. Along the same lines, fascias and soffits replacement are warranted to keep your roof functioning properly and effectively.

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