A Beginner’s Guide to Roofing in Cambridge, MA

Are you new to Cambridge, MA? Been here a while? Maybe you’ve been here a while or perhaps you’re just looking to learn a little more about the area? You may even just be searching for Cambridge, MA roofing. No matter what brought you here, we can shed some light on all of it. Roofing in Cambridge, MA is a favorite for us here at Ranch Roofing and we would love to share why we love Cambridge roofing so much.

Settled in 1630 and incorporated in 1636, Cambridge is one of the most well-known Massachusetts cities aside from the state’s capital of Boston. Originally designed to actually be the first capital, Cambridge is one of the most historically prominent cities in the country. Along with its rich history, the city is also home the prestigious universities of Harvard and MIT,

For singles, couples, and families working in Boston, Cambridge is a popular choice to live for both its convenience and beauty, sporting a population of roughly 116,000. As a leader in Cambridge, MA roofing, we are proud to be a part of the city’s community. We have been able to serve the residents of Cambridge for many years, standing by our work and building unbreakable trust with our customers along the way. Trust is built through important questions and transparent answers. We welcome these tough questions to assure that our customers, both current and potential, are more than comfortable with their Cambridge roofing contractor choice. Searching for residential roofing in Cambridge can be difficult, we understand that. To help, we have created the following “Beginner’s Guide” to offer some tips and tricks to best navigate Cambridge, MA roofing.

How to Find Cambridge MA Roofing Contractors


Roofing reviews are the lifeblood of quality Cambridge roofing contractors. Online roofing reviews are often unbiased and aim to give readers very candid feedback on the pros, cons, and neutrals of contractors. Because of this, we take pride in the positive reviews of Ranch Roofing. When beginning your search for residential roofing contractors in Cambridge, it is wise to begin by navigating the myriad of online contractor review sites. This is a very overwhelming process due to the sheer volume of available information. We recommend creating a methodical approach to make this process easier.

To start, ask your neighbors for their experiences. Not only can this help you meet your neighbors if you are new to the area, but it can provide you with an idea of what local companies they trust. These first-hand reviews can be helpful when evaluating which Cambridge roofing companies are trusted and reliable. Next check out review sites like GuildQuality or Angi, which were solely created to provide unbiased reviews on contractors. Gaining first-hand reviews from neighbors and visiting these online review platforms will help paint a strong picture of quality Cambridge, MA roofing contractors.

Once you’ve compiled a list of companies, check out their social media accounts and see how long they’ve been around. The longer a company has been in business, the better chances are they have expert experience in the industry and a stellar track record. Prepare some questions you may want to ask prospective Cambridge roofing contractors, such as:

  • Are you licensed?
  • What does your warranty system look like?

Asking important questions such as these will allow you to gain a better idea of who you are potentially going to work with for your project.

Cambridge Roof Repair Tips


Sometimes a full roof replacement isn’t necessary, and you can get by with a simple repair. The type of roof repair in Cambridge you may need for your home depends on the type of structure. Flat roof homes will need a rubber roofing repair, while traditional shingled homes may have asphalt or slate shingles that need a refresh. Whatever the type, quality roofing contractors will be able to help.

The process of finding a repair contractor is much like that for a replacement. Check out some online reviews and check in with your trusted network of local neighbors. Local roofing repair contractors are easy to come by, but reviews might not be as prevalent. Local searches are much different than broad question searches, so it can be assumed that quality contractors will show up prominently in local searches. As you may have noticed, winters in the Northeast can be long and harsh and the spring season is wet and muddy. Because of these adverse weather conditions, you won’t want to wait on calling in a professional roofer if you need a roof repair in Cambridge. With harsh winter storms and wet springs, small problems can quickly grow much larger.

While not as easy in a densely settled city like Cambridge, proper roof cleaning is important to prevent the need for repairs. Spring and fall cleaning routines will help prevent and identify issues before they can create a need for roof repair in your Cambridge home.

Gutter Repair in Cambridge


In dense cities, gutters are very important. Much like roof repairs in Cambridge, gutter repairs are necessary to ensure a happy and healthy roofing system throughout its lifetime. This is key to getting the most out of a roofing system and ensuring it meets its expected lifespan. Especially with the possibility of ice dams, gutter repairs in Cambridge are important to address sooner rather than later.

Some homeowners may just need a gutter repair in Cambridge rather than full replacement. Most contractors can either perform gutter repairs or will be able to point you in the correct direction.

Cambridge MA Roofing and Skylights


Skylights and daylighting can completely transform your Cambridge home. Choosing to install skylights in your home is a smart decision for multiple reasons. Skylights are environmentally friendly, helping keep your home heated using solar energy as well as lit from a non-electrical source. They can help maintain a comfortable temperature, allowing for fresh air to pass through your living space. Last of all, they look good! Skylights are often associated with luxury homes because of their cosmetics. In more densely populated cities, natural light can be more difficult to come by. Installing skylights in Cambridge can help in gaining even more natural light and giving much needed vitamin D.

Why Work With Ranch Roofing as Your Cambridge Roofing Contractor?


Since 1996, Ranch Roofing has been a leader in residential roofing in Cambridge. This longstanding run of business is an indicator of quality and trust throughout the greater Boston area. Since inception, our mission has not changed, and the original owner still runs things the exact same as he did 25 years ago even as we have become one of the largest residential roofing contractors in Cambridge. Bob has preached the same mantra for over 25 years, “install every roof as if it were your own”. This has become a leading component in every project we complete, and you can trust it will continue with your roofing project in Cambridge.

Interested in working with us for Cambridge roofing? We offer not hassle, no obligations, completely free estimates. If you are in need of Cambridge, MA roof repairs and want to work with a trusted company of expert roofers, contact us at Ranch Roofing.

Simply put, our glowing reviews speak for themselves:

“Everything turned out well.  The company sent a rather large crew which completed the job in a remarkably fast and efficient manner. In fact, there were approximately 14 men on the roof at one point, and they finished in just 4 hours. They also did very well in cleaning up after themselves. Ultimately, it was great experience, and I’m sorry that I have only one roof!”


“I got both an excellent new roof and amazing performance, as a very well managed crew of 19 swarmed over and removed the existing roofing, replacing it with plywood boards, protective rubber layer and shingles. I was also impressed that because the firm has its own fleet of trucks, the delivery of this material was quite speedy and it enabled a thorough clean up completed well before the end of the day.”