Arlington Roofing

A Beginner’s Guide to Arlington Roofing

Are you new to Arlington and looking to learn more about the town and community? Nestled to the north of the city of Boston, Arlington is a quaint and charming town with incredible restaurants, shopping, and ample public spaces. With a population of just over 46,000 in 2020, Arlington is a popular town for those wanting to work within the city, while also avoiding the hustle and bustle. Whether you are by yourself, part of a couple, or looking to raise a family, Arlington has something for everyone.

Additionally, for new homeowners, looking to find local contractors that provide quality an trusted service is always a concern. As an Arlington roofing company, we not only stand by our work, but are part of the community. We believe that building trust with our customers, so we welcome tough questions and honest feedback. And, we recommend asking these questions to all of your potential contractors. As a result, if you are new to Arlington or just new to looking for roofers in Arlington, we know this can be overwhelming.

To help, the following “Beginner’s Guide” offers some tips and tricks to help find and evaluate Arlington roofing contractors.

How to Find Arlington Roofing Contractors


Quality roofing contractors rely on reviews from their past customers to show prospective clients how they do business. When embarking on the journey of finding Arlington roofing Contractors, you should first begin by looking for roofing reviews. While this may seem like a daunting task due to the overwhelming amount of information at your fingertips on the internet, adopting a methodical approach to finding quality contractors does not have to be difficult.

Roofing Contractor Reviews

If you are new to the neighborhood, you may have not had time to befriend your neighbors. This may be the perfect opportunity. Ask around your neighborhood whom your neighbors have used in the past. This type of first-hand knowledge is the best first step in developing a list of qualified candidates that you may want to reach out to. At this point, you can also begin looking online through roofing specific resources such as GuildQuality, and Angi, which are platforms created solely for finding local roofing contractors and reading reviews.

One thing to keep in mind here is It is also important to pay attention to how long the company has been attaining the highest reviews on social media. Once you have created a list of Arlington roofing contractors that you feel confident in, you should then develop a list of questions to ask, as well as what you are looking to have done. Questions such as, Are you licensed? And What is the warranty?  will go a long way in creating confidence moving forward.

Arlington Roof Repair Tips


Maybe you have just moved to Arlington and do not need a full replacement, but rather a repair on your roofing system. The process of finding a repair contractor is much the same. Arlington roof repair reviews are often cut and dry. If the repair was a success the customer is happy. On the other hand, if it didn’t work, the customer won’t be.

If you don’t have a trusted network, then head online for your local roofing repair contractor search. Google is an obvious step when looking for a roofing contractor due to the sheer size of its database. For example, any longstanding roofing company will have a web site. Additionally, professional organizations will show up with a local roofer search.

As with much of the Northeast, the winters are long, and summers short. Being able to identify issues before they become larger is key to keeping your home dry and warm year-round. One thing to keep in mind here is the importance of keeping your roof clean because that helps to prevent the need for repairs. Developing proper routines before and after the harsh Arlington winters will go a long way in ensuring your roofing system stays healthy for the duration of its expected lifespan.


Skylight Installation in Arlington, MA


Unlike the denser towns of Massachusetts, skylight installation in Arlington is not an overly difficult process. The homes are often two to three stories, which allows for easier access for roofing contractors, and there is an ample amount of light to make a skylight installation a very practical endeavor. There are many benefits of a skylight installation or your home in Arlington with added light being at the top of the list.

Assuming you chose Arlington because of its more small-town feel, adding ample light to your house allows you to feel at home. Similarly, the ability to use your skylight as an extra way to bring air into your home favorably lends itself to the openness of the town. Skylights are environmentally friendly, helping keep your home heated using solar energy as well as lit from a non-electrical source. They can help maintain a comfortable temperature, allowing for fresh air to pass through your living space. Last of all, they look good!

Why Work with Ranch Roofing as Your Preferred Arlington Roofer


Ranch Roofing has proudly been most residents’ preferred Arlington roofing since our inception in 1996. Further, our mission has not changed since those early days of “Ranch-Style only homes”. Even though Today, Ranch Roofing has grown today to one of the largest residential roofing firms in Eastern Massachusetts. Bob O’Sullivan still runs things the same as when he founded the company. Mr. O’Sullivan has preached for two decades, “install every roof as if it were your own.” We still do. This tagline has become our mantra, and we incorporate it into every project we complete.

Representatives at Ranch Roofing pride themselves in their expertise in all areas of roofing. You can trust our local roofers to treat your home like it’s ours. Ranch Roofing proudly offers no hassle, no obligation, free estimates to all potential customers. We feel that those looking for a roofing project should not feel tied to a contractor because they have paid for their estimate. We simply let our stellar reputation and glowing reviews as an Arlington roofer speak for themselves.

What Our Customers Are Saying


Dave at Ranch Roofing and his team were phenomenal. The roof looks amazing, but more than that they were fast and cleaned the property of all the materials! Dave was super responsive and called me to discuss options and walked me through everything that needed to be done. I would definitely recommend them!” – 2021


“We used Ranch Roofing to replace our entire roof as well has eight skylights. We received estimates from three other roofing companies and chose Roofing because not only was the price right, but because of their professionalism. The work was done when promised, at the agreed upon price, and within one very long day. They texted pictures of the work as it was being done – how else to know what’s going on up there! Their clean up operation was stellar. A couple years later we experienced small leaks in a section of a bay that had not been part of the roof replacement. Not only did they come right out to look at it, they patched it up for free. Really impressive company! We recommend them highly.” – 2021