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Views From Our Perch as a Belmont Roofing Company

Outside of the city, our views are often large swaths of green rather than skyscrapers. This is no different when roofing in Belmont. While the buildings of the city may be close, our eyes are drawn to the different parks and smaller landmarks of this picturesque town. As a Belmont roofing company, we have seen many sights, here are some that stand out the most.

Beaver Brook Reservation

Set on the dividing line between Belmont and Waltham is the 303 acre Beaver Brook Reservation. Run by the state of Massachusetts, the reservation was originally created in 1893 to protect a group of oak trees known as the Waverly Oaks. Although these trees are no longer there, the park is no home to a myriad of different activities for nearby residents. The park is intersected by several miles of multi-use trails as well as ponds for fishing. Similarly, on one edge of the park, visitors will find a small waterpark for children to cool off during the scorching summer heat. Being so close to the city, it is a nice view of green for this Belmont roofing company when we take to the town roofs.

Homer House

Sitting high upon a hill overlooking the Belmont town hall is the former home of esteemed painter, Winslow Homer. Today owned by the Belmont Women’s Club, the Homer house was responsible for influencing several of his early works. Also, upon leaving New England, Homer would still return during the summers to visit with family. Belmont Women’s Club purchased the home in 1923, saving it from destruction. The club has since opened the venue for public rentals with seating for 100 guests. Currently, the home is seeing many different restoration efforts to ensure health for years to come. The building itself is a sigh to be seen when roofing in Belmont.

Mass Audubon Habitat Education Center & Wildlife Sanctuary

In operation since 1970, the Habitat Center is a sprawling 88-acre green space committed to environmental education. The best part about the center is that it is located just 7 miles from downtown Boston, making it accessible for many residents of the greater Boston area. When visiting, don’t miss the stunning Georgian style mansion that acts as the visitor’s center, as it can also be rented out for events and weddings. More about the Mass Audubon Habitat Education Center like its hours can be found at its web site.

The green space afforded in Belmont is a nice change of pace to the liveliness of Boston. Don’t miss our post from Belmont’s neighbor, Arlington, and the history of the town.

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