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Views from a Somerville Roofing Company

The most densely populated area in Massachusetts, Somerville is an eclectic residential municipality lying just outside of Boston. Over the years, Ranch Roofing has completed many roofs in the city as a leader in Somerville roofing. During this time, we have grown very fond of certain areas and views from the roofs of Somerville. This is a list of some of our favorites that we’ve seen while Roofing in Somerville, MA, including traditional, different, and downright strange.

Somerville Theater

Similar to the Regent Theater in Arlington, Somerville theater traces its humble beginnings to that of a vaudeville house a century ago. Today, the theater is home to many live performances and has been host to many big name acts over the years. The theater has seen shows from the legendary Bruce Springsteen, Irish supergroup U2, and pop trio Jonas Brothers, among many, many more. Aside from being a live venue, Somerville theater also houses multiple screens with “one of the most technically advanced projection booths on the east coast.” Located in the heart of Davis Square, the theater is also the home of the Museum of Bad Art (MoBA).

Museum of Bad Art

A lesser known attraction in Somerville is the Museum of Bad Art or MoBA. Located in the Somerville Theater, MoBA maintains a collection of over 700 pieces with a small portion of those on display at any one time. The museum’s aim is “to celebrate the labor of artists whose work would be displayed and appreciated in no other forum”.1 One major requirement is pieces must be not only original, but also not purposely “bad”. This adds in maintaining the integrity of the museum. While not a destination for most, to this Somerville roofing company, it sure should be.

Old Powder House

Found both atop Quarry Hill, as well as on the city seal, Old Powder house is an icon in the city of Somerville. Old Powder house is the oldest stone building in the state of Massachusetts, built at the turn of the 18th Used as a storage facility for gun powder, this structure played a major role in the Revolutionary War as the first site of aggression by the British. Today the building can be found in Nathan Tufts Park and the Powderhouse Square area of Somerville.

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