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Architectural Gems for a Winchester Roofer

Continuing with the history of the area, Winchester possesses 66 buildings on the National Registry of Historic Places. While none of these are historically significant on the broad scale, they add a lot of charm and beauty to the quaint little town. As a Winchester roofer, we develop mental lists of favorite attractions and landmarks in different towns, here are some we’ve come to love as Winchester roofers.

Griffin Museum of Photography

Tucked away in a stunning colonial on Judkin’s Pond, the Griffin Museum of Photography is a world-renowned non-profit gallery. The museum is broken into two galleries: its main gallery that showcases works from well-known and up and coming photographers, and its Atelier gallery that showcases stunning works from photographers that have yet to make names for themselves. The main gallery is held in a stunning post and beam building that can also be rented out for functions. As a whole, the photographs are spectacular, as is the building in which they are held. The picturesque setting on the pond makes this a favorite view of this Winchester roofing company.

Wright-Locke Farm

Originally settled in 1638, the Wright-Locke Farm is a look into early New England life, as the last standing farm complex in Winchester, as well as one of very few left in the Boston area. Today, 7.5 acres of the site are owned by the conservancy that oversees continued use of the property. The land is still developed for farming, allowing for use as an educational facility. All four historical buildings on the property are listed on the National Registry of Historic Places and are truly a pleasure to see as a Winchester roofer.

Winter Pond

“Often referred to as Winchester’s hidden treasure, Winter Pond is” a 17-acre recreational area in Winchester. While not as grand as some of the other ponds we have written about, Winter Pond is a fantastic recreation area for nearby residents, offering many opportunities for wildlife watching and photography as it is dense with both resident and migratory wildlife. Similarly, residents participate in other activities such as fishing and kayaking. For more, see Friends of Winter Pond.

While not rich with landmarks, Winchester is an appealing town lush with stunning architecture and overall charm. Check out another one of our posts from next door in Arlington, MA!

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