What you need to know to find the right roofing company for you

the roof of the house with nice window..

Your roofing project is an investment.

A new roof does more than just keep you dry.

A roofing system:

  • Adds to your home’s value.
  • Offers peace of mind.
  • Saves on energy costs.
  • Provides a means for your house to breathe.
  • Eliminates potential health hazards.

A great home roofing company

Of course, that’s what hiring a great roofing company will do for you.

A terrible roofing job can damage your home and add stress to your life. With that in mind this white paper offers an inside look to help you when selecting a roofer.

How to find a good roofing company

When you first meet with any roofing company, it is important to go in with a strategy in place. Asking some key questions will put you on the right track for finding the right roofing company for your project:

  • Is the company licensed & insured?
  • What is the quality of the materials being used?
  • What is the company’s track record and what are the credentials and qualifications?
  • What is the warranty and who is backing it?
  • Where can I find the best most reliable recom­mendations on the company?
  • What is the project going to cost?

Be Prepared And Define Your Goals

When it comes to selecting the right roofing companies, you should have at least a rough sense of what your goals are and what you require. Some important starting questions include:

  • Am I looking to allow my house to breathe?
  • Am I looking to do what is best practice to prevent ice dams?
  • Am I looking to incorporate state of the art materials?
  • Am I only looking to roof the house inexpensively?

Is the roofing company even a real business?

You should be able to trust that the roofing company is committed to being in business long after your project is complete.


Before selecting a roofer, find out if they are invested in the simple basics of being a business.

  • Does the company have a real mailing address and office?
  • Does the company have workmen’s compensation insurance?
  • Does the company have public liability insurance?
  • Does the company have appropriate licenses?

TIP: When verifying insurance do not accept a faxed copy as proof. Often polices are issued, but when payment is not received the faxed copy will not tell whether the policy has been canceled. Also check online if HIC registra­tion has expired.

Do they use quality materials or knockoffs?


You want to be sure similar names of “like” materials are not confusing you. And it’s not only roofing shingles. There are as many (if not more) other important components of a roof that require quality materials in a good roofing system.

  • Did the company’s representative thoroughly explain all materials being used?
  • Is the company using the best quality or cutting corners on important underneath materials?
  • Is the company confusing you with similar names for inferior products?

Cutting corners with inferior materials is easy and common in roofing. Make sure the materials installed on your home are highest quality if you are looking for a great roofing system that lasts.

Online reputation is a strong indication of a roofing company’s name & standing within their industry

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It is also important to pay attention to how long the company has been attaining the highest reviews on social media.

  • Is the company recognized with best reviews and glowing chatter on social media?
  • Do they receive the highest ratings on social media over the longest period of time?
  • Does the roofing business name receive press mentions and do major media outlets recognize the company as an expert?
  • Does the company have a professional website that offers valuable information relevant to you?
  • Is the company viewed on social media as a leader within the industry?

Find the roofing company that offers the highest certifications and warranties.

When a trusted manufacturer partners as warranty stakeholder, it indicates respect of the roofing company. Roofing warranties which offer the strongest labor protection from the manufacturer represent the best in the industry.badge_2

  • What credentials, recognition, and awards has the company received?
  • Do they have other special credentials showing other expertise?
  • Have Many Different Manufacturer’s certified this company?
  • Who is backing the warranty?
  • Has the manufacturer partnered with the roofing contractor to create the strongest warranty?

A successful residential roofing company requires a professional roofing team.

A roofing team is more than just workers hammering nails for a few days. Make sure you find a residential roofing company that has a dedicated service team who will be there in case you need them.

Like most everything else, a successful roofing company is only as good as its weakest area:

  • There should be a project foreman whose responsibility is to answer questions and make sure your project runs smoothly.
  • There should be a quick response from the service department.
  • Company representatives should understand the latest roofing technologies and be experts in areas like ventilation and skylights.
  • There should be strong involved ownership.

Crucial elements to your agreement

A detailed agreement helps to eliminate confusion and spells out exactly the services to be provided. Some crucial elements to an agreement should be expected to be provided with every roofing proposal.

Pertinent Information

Including the roofing company’s name, mailing address, contractor registration number, three-day cancellation notice, phone number, email address, and other pieces of infor­mation. Being assigned a proposal number is useful.

Material Types

Including ice and water barrier, synthetic paper, ridge vents,drip edge etc.

Scope of Work

This should explain the job step by step. It should also detail “what if?” scenarios such as rotted wood or other unexpected circumstances. It should explain in detail how the roofing company will be handling chimneys, pipes, and other edges. There should be mention of exceptions or what the contractor is not doing (example: garage not included).The customer should have a clear idea of the work being performed.

Warranties and Guarantees

Should be spelled out clearly.

Estimate and Payment Schedule

This section should clearly explain the estimated price and payment terms. Again, make sure you know exactly what is included in the proposal and what is not.

A proposal should be easy to read and follow. It should be written in a manner that would want you to do business with the firm.

Finally, and most important!

How comfortable are you with the roofing company?

Probably the most important and overlooked factor is how comfortable you are with the roofing company.

  • Was the repre­sentative easy to speak with and open to questions?
  • Was the individual knowledgeable and did he/she explain things in a way that made sense?
  • Did the person go out of his way to make sure you felt com­fortable throughout the process?

Promises, Promises…

In this economy (or any other), many roofing companies will promise you the moon, just to get your business. And no matter how much you research there are ways to cut corners on a roof which cannot be covered in a short white paper.

It boils down to doing the research and selecting a roofer who meets your goals. Do you want a residential roofing company who invests in re­sources to provide you all necessary ingredients towards a great roofing system? Once your research is finished, the last question should be who do you trust? Do your homework and selecting a roofer should not be so hard.