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Roofing Contractor in Somerville, MA

Somerville is a vibrant city that boasts exciting nightlife, rich history and many different neighborhoods. Somerville is home to Tufts University and has won many awards including the All-American City Award and Best Run City in MA. Somerville has a number of squares that are centers for business and entertainment. Some of these squares include Assembly Square, Ball Square and Union Square. Somerville has a mixture of single, two family, and three family homes. Ranch Roofing provides roofs to many of the homes in these areas. Additionally, many homeowners in the Gilman Square area consisting of Medford Street and Pearl Street are happy customers of Ranch Roofing.

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What Somerville residents need to ask when considering a new roof?

For Somerville property owners thinking about a new asphalt roof, there are a handful of questions to ask yourself:

  1. Does your roof show any evidence of leaking? Blistering or peeling paint? Water stains on your ceiling, particularly after a strong wind driven storm? Have you had ice dam damage?
  2. Have any shingles fallen off the house? Do you have any cracked or broken roofing shingles? Do any shingles show signs of curling or look worn?
  3. Does your roof show signs of aging? Damaged fascia and soffit are often caused by ice dams indicating a failing roof
  4. Does your roof contain any mold, algae, and/or moss? Typically, they appear as black streaks or blackening of roof shingles, white patches, or green vegetation. If any signs exist, homeowners should note that these nuisances may be the beginning of roofing problems.

When considering a new roof, Somerville residents are wise to contact Ranch Roofing. Ranch Roofing provides quality roofing systems and we do not believe in cutting corners. We understand that your home may be your biggest investment and we will treat it as if it was our own home.


What’s the social media chatter about roofing contractors in Somerville?


  1. Does the company have a professional website that offers valuable information relevant to you?
  2. Is the company recognized with best reviews and glowing chatter on social media?
  3. Do they receive the highest ratings on social media over the longest time period?
  4. Is the company viewed on social media as a leader within the industry?
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Somerville, MA Roofing Reviews for Ranch Roofing

“The best home renovation experience I have ever had. I give them A+ in all areas.”

“We just recently had our roof replaced, and were so pleased with the experience with Ranch Roofing. Don stopped by for an initial quote, and I immediately gained confidence in his knowledge, and was impressed with his kindness and openness about the process. His good communication remained throughout the entire process of coordinating the job. The morning of the job, Ryan brought the dumpster on time, and was able to navigate down our tricky, narrow Somerville street. Dave did an excellent job as a project manager. He had great attention to detail and was so considerate of our place. He went above and beyond to help with the window installation and to keep each room clean. The Ranch staff’s work on the roof was truly impressive – thorough, quality work, in a short amount of time. The knocked the job out in one day, as advertised, and had supreme respect for our neighbors’ properties (tarped the houses off, and cleaned up all debris after). I even called the owner, Bob, afterwards, to thank him for everyone’s good work. We greatly appreciate everyone’s efforts! A+ job from high character good guys, we highly recommend them.”

“Very happy with the results and with our experience working with them. We had a lot of questions about our ventilation options (our roof is not at all amenable to the ridge-vent-and-soffit set-up), and Todd, our sales rep, always responded quickly and thoroughly. We had good communication with the scheduling team as well. The roofing crew was efficient and professional, and did an excellent job on the clean-up. We’re particularly pleased with how well they cleaned our neighbor’s driveway and how well they protected that neighbor’s cars, which we couldn’t convince them to leave on the street (their driveway butts up against our house – they’re very particular about the upkeep of their yard, and since we need their cooperation for many projects, we want to keep them happy). The roof looks great, and thanks to the recent heat wave, we can already feel the impact that the added attic ventilation is having on the temperature in the house. Would hire again, and will absolutely recommend them to friends.”

Ranch Roofing has installed over 400 roofs in Somerville over the last few years!


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