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A Wellesley Roofing Contractor’s Love for the Town’s Sights

Much can be written about the beauty and tranquility of the town of Wellesley Massachusetts. Ranch Roofing is a leading Wellesley roofing contractor and therefore, we spend much of our days on the roofs of the town and driving the stunning roads that encircle it. Located far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Boston, Wellesley is a peaceful hub for those lucky enough to be employed within the city but desiring a more suburban way of life. Wellesley is home to some incredible green spaces, parks, and ponds that offer residents a getaway from the fast-paced nature of the city while being close enough to catch a Red Sox, Celtics, or Bruins game on a random weeknight. As a Wellesley roofing contractor, we have grown fond of certain sights and sounds of the town that help make it such a special place. Our team has gotten together and compiled a list of a few of our absolute favorite places to highlight from the town of Wellesley, MA.

Lake Waban

Lake Waban and its trails are owned by Wellesley College and the nearby Hunnewell estate. During traditional healthy years, these trails are opened to the public so that residents of Wellesley can experience the beauty and peacefulness of the lake. The path around the lake is approximately 2.75 miles which wind and intercede with other paths that web throughout the nearly 500 acre campus. As the entirety of this trail falls on private property, guests are asked to stay on the trails at all times to prevent trespassing. Also, swimming is not allowed due to prior contamination that dates back nearly 100 years. As a whole, there are many rules to follow but they are very much worth it. The lake is stunning and these trails that run around it affords visitors incredible views of the stunning Wellesley College campus.

Massachusetts Horticultural Society’s The Gardens At Elm Bank

Adding to the incredible greenery of the town of Wellesley are the Gardens at Elm Bank which are owned and operated by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. This is a 36 acre facility that allows visitors to get up close and personal education of plants and the environment native to the area. This is especially important for city residents whom may not have the ability to have these experiences on a daily basis. The grounds are open from April 1st to October 31st and admission costs $10 for nonmembers. For those that are interested, more information regarding the facility and educational opportunities can be found at the Massachusetts Horticultural Society.

As Wellesley roofing contractors, we adore the town and the immense beauty it has to offer both residents and visitors like us alike. We are never ones to complain when we have to drive the streets of the town or work on the roofs due to the incredible sights and sounds we are able to take in. If you have any questions regarding our experiences in Wellesley, or need an estimate, feel free to contact us today!