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Roofing Contractor in Winchester, MA

Winchester is a luxurious bedroom community and known for large homes and tree-lined streets. Wildwood is loaded with high-end single family houses where Ranch Roofing has installed many roofs near Wildwood Street and Woodside Road areas. Winchester Highlands is a high end well maintained area of beautiful Shingle-Style and Tudor Homes, where Ranch Roofing installed some on Highland Ave. and South Border Rd. There are other fantastic areas like Winchester Center, where Ranch Roofing has installed over 150 roofs in the town over the last few years and will continue with many more in the future.

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What homeowners in Winchester should look for, if considering a new asphalt roof?

For Winchester homeowners considering the installation of a new roof, your home may offer evidence on whether one is needed, if you know where to look. The answers will help determine your roofing needs.

  1. Have you ever had ice dam damage?
  2. Is your roof showing signs of aging?
  3. Have any shingles fallen off the house or are there signs of blistering and/or peeling paint? Do you see any cracked or broken roofing shingles? Or do your shingles look worn and/or show signs of curling?
  4. Does your roof show any evidence of leaking or show any signs of water staining on your ceiling?
  5. Does your roof contain any mold, algae, and/or moss? Frequently, these appear as black streaks or blackening of roof shingles, white patches, or green vegetation

Winchester residents, when considering a new roof, would be wise to contact Ranch Roofing, if they are researching for a premium roofing system from a proven company. Ranch Roofing does cut corners. Also, consider climate change when installing a new roof in winter climates, and Winchester, is not an exception. Finally, we know every home is different and an expert from Ranch Roofing will help determine the roofing system that will work best for yours.


Winchester homeowners should beware of knockoff roofing products.

You want to be sure similar names of “like” materials are not confusing you.

And it’s not only roofing shingles. There are as many (if not more) other important components that require quality materials in a good roofing system.

  1. Did the company’s representative thoroughly explain all materials being used?
  2. Is the company using best quality or cutting corners on important underneath materials?
  3. Is the company confusing you with similar names for inferior products?

Cutting corners with inferior materials is easy and common in roofing. Make sure the materials installed on your home are highest quality if you are looking for a great roofing system.

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Winchester, MA Roofing Reviews of Ranch Roofing

“Very nice to work with. He gets an A. I chose him because he is top rated on Angie’s list and he deserves to be top rated. When I first talked to him about my roof, I had a problem and he fixed a minor issue for me right away before I hired him. He went above and beyond.”

“Outstanding customer service, attention to detail, advice, and speed. Selected based on reputation and would definitely recommend.”

“Easy to work with and great communication and scheduling.”

Ranch Roofing has installed over 300 roofs in Winchester over the last few years!


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