Bathroom Skylights

15 Things to Know About Bathroom Skylights

Are you considering a bathroom skylight, as part of a bathroom remodel? Are you looking to add this feature during a residential roofing or condominium roofing update? Bathroom skylight windows offer many benefits from increased natural light to ventilation capabilities. Thinking about what you want your bathroom skylight to achieve functionally and aesthetically can help guide skylight placement, type of skylight, and more. In addition to some key functions that skylights can provide, specifically in bathrooms, we’ve included 15 other installation considerations to help you determine if a vented skylight for the bathroom, a skylight over the shower, or other bathroom skylight option is right for you and your home.

What are some benefits of installing bathroom skylights?


benefits of a bathroom skylight

In many homes, bathrooms typically have the most limited amount of light, often coming from one, typically smaller window. Understandably, privacy and plumbing are the priority in these spaces, while areas like kitchens or living rooms often have more access to natural light and outdoor visibility. For homeowners, adding a skylight in a bathroom, particularly one with no windows or only a single window, can significantly enhance this room.

  • Increased light: Unlike other rooms in the house where lighting can be augmented with artificial light, like table lamps, these resources are less likely or feasible in a bathroom. Bathroom skylights bring more light without the worry about wiring or cords in water-sourcing areas.
  • Added ventilation: Although ventilated skylights can increase air circulation in any room, vented skylights for bathrooms are particularly helpful, as they can reduce the more substantial and frequent humidity in this room. To reduce the likelihood of mold, damage to walls, and more, a vented skylight can be a helpful addition!
  • Enhanced appearance and atmosphere: A skylight above a shower or in a bathroom with no windows may make it feel more open and spacious. Bathroom skylights generally offer an elegant look and can help create a brighter setting and state of mind.

Why do bathroom skylights need especially careful consideration?


tips for installing a bathroom skylight

The bathroom environment can be unique, whether in terms of size, temperature, or a number of other factors. Accordingly, here are 15 things you should know about installing bathroom skylights.

  1. Waterproofing is essential, especially if you choose to put a skylight over a shower. This location means increased and consistent exposure to water and moisture, so be sure to prevent roof leaks or water damage with watertight construction. Also, locate the skylight away from any direct water flow or spray.
  1. Plan for condensation prevention. Bathrooms have a lot of moisture. Frame choice, glazing options, and choosing certain skylight types, like solar tubes, in the bathroom can help reduce moisture build up.
  2. Select durable and waterproof materials that will better withstand bathroom conditions, like polycarbonate or tempered glass.
  3. Consider ventilation options to help with air circulation and with mitigating humidity and moisture impacts. Some skylights with ventilation features can be integrated with a bathroom exhaust fan for even greater moisture control.
  4. How easy is it to reach your skylight? Cleaning the interior and exterior surfaces of your skylight is important, as is access in case of repair needs. Be sure to consider these necessities in choosing the location of your bathroom skylight.
  5. Deciding if you want a fixed, manual, or electric skylight should account for accessibility and roof placement, as well as preference and related features.
  6. Adding a rain sensor to your electric skylight may be helpful to avoid water damage from unexpected storms or just forgetting to close the skylight.
  7. Account for your privacy. Both location and material types can help here. For example, frosted or obscured glass can provide more privacy without reducing available light.
  8. Where is the sun located relative to where you plan to put a bathroom skylight? The sun’s movement is particularly important in planning to leverage the benefits of solar tube skylights.
  9. The sun may also bring added heat to your bathroom, so solar-reflective coatings that reduce glare and prevent overheating may be necessary.
  10. Light can cause fading on furnishings or interior decor, so skylights with UV protection may be helpful!
  11. For additional privacy, another option is to install blinds or shades that are specifically designed for skylights.
  12. Effective flashing is essential for repelling water and preventing it from causing leaks on ceilings or within the structure of the home. It is also crucial in directing rainwater away from skylights.
  13. Bathroom skylight placement and selection are also influenced by roof pitch. Professional roofers will help ensure that the skylight design and installation are appropriate for your roof.
  14. Skylight installation is best done by licensed, insured, and reputable roofing contractions to ensure proper and leak-free installation of the ideal bathroom skylight for your home and preferences. After you find a quality skylight contractor, they will also be able to help navigate local building codes, regulations, and permit acquisition.

Bathroom skylights can make a big difference in even the smallest bathroom spaces. At Ranch Roofing, we want to help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams with your skylight addition. Want to chat with a Ranch Roofing specialist about bathroom skylights, skylights above the shower, contact us today for a free estimate or for more information about our skylight installations and other roofing services.