leaking roof

How to Approach A Leaking Roof

Leaking roofs are the bane of the average homeowner’s existence. Nothing is more frustrating than to look up at the ceiling and see a growing water spot during an intense storm. You may spend the entire night awake, wondering what will happen to your ceiling. Will it collapse? How much is this going to cost? Can I even find a roof leak repair company to fix it? What damages will this water create? So many thoughts will run through your head so it is completely understandable why something we see every day can be so stressful for a homeowner.

First of all, we would like to start by dispelling the common notion of the severity of a roof leak. For the most part, a roof leak looks a lot worse than it really is. And, importantly, almost everything is fixable if your roof is young enough. Small amounts of water often look much larger than they really are. This is especially true when leaking through a light or seeping into a ceiling. A small leak may appear much larger and become more worrisome than it needs to be.

Here at Ranch Roofing, we are specialists when it comes to roof repair and leaks in general. Additionally, as we work throughout the greater Boston area, our team of experienced roofing contractors can likely help address your home in Massachusetts. To help homeowners understand the roof anatomy, we compiled a list of some tips to best approach a leaking roof.

Take a Step Back and Breath


The biggest suggestion we can give the average customer who has a leaking roof is to simply relax and take a deep breath. While it may be frustrating and expensive at times, roof leaks are often an easy fix for good roofing contractors. There is no sense in adding additional stress into your life over something that is not near as bad as it looks. This is not to say that water entering your home is a good thing; however, often times it is definitely not near as bad as it looks. Taking deep breaths and lessening your stress will allow you to look at the situation reasonably and make efficient and decisive actions.

Determine The Rough Location of the Roof Leak


While no roofing contractor expects you to be an expert on roof leaks, it is often helpful and most efficient if the customer has at least a rough idea where the leak is emanating from. Experienced roofing professionals are able to make a much faster assessment if they know where to start. This is often as simple as triangulating the leaking area to a specific place on your roof. Also, it can be handy to climb into your attic and find any wet spots on the underside of your roof deck. Creating a rough idea of leak location as well as a few photos are usually all it takes for a quality roofing professional to make an accurate assessment of a roof leak and create a course of action to fix it.

Call a Professional to Fix Your Leaking Roof


A leaking roof is no time to decide to tackle a DIY project. While it may seem financially smart to save some money and fix a roof leak yourself, you need an experienced roof leak repair team near you to fix a leaking roof. For example, a DIY effort frequently leads to compounding issues and chasing problem after problem. More importantly, any DIY roofing project will often void any roof warranty that is in place, whether or not the leak comes from that area or not. Roofing professionals have access to the best tools/materials and know the safest and most efficient practices for repairing roofs. Don’t waste time when your roof is leaking and contact a residential roof repair company that can ensure your home stays warm and dry no matter the season.

When your roof is leaking, it can be a very stressful time. Contact a professional roofing service to fix your roof leak in a timely and efficient manner. Ranch Roofing is here to help no matter the season. For more, contact us today!