DIY Roofing

Why You Should Avoid DIY Roofing Projects

Let’s face it, a new roof or roof repair is not an inexpensive project. This causes homeowners to want to save some money and tackle their roofing projects themselves. Roofs are an investment towards the overall future health of your house, adding value, comfort, and safety to your life. Taking on any DIY roofing projects poses a direct threat to the quality of your roof and the overall impervious nature of your home’s sealing from the elements. There are often roof issues that may not be obvious to the average homeowner. An experienced roofer knows what issues to look for when installing a roof. If you miss these issues or warning signs, you are setting yourself up for failure at the start. In the end, what you may save is washed away with your first substantial leak from a rainstorm. If you are contemplating a DIY roofing project, here are some reasons why it might not be a great idea. Always consider a roofing professional for your home’s needs as they can ensure that the project is done properly and safely.

How Much Are you Really Going to Save?


As previously stated, a professional roofer has seen it all and therefore we know what issues, both big and small, to look for on your roof. Some of these issues may be easy to miss for the average homeowner. If you shingle over these issues there is a strong possibility that you are setting yourself up for future leaks and mold growth. Similarly, if you do not flash an area right, there is a strong possibility for leaks to form in these areas. Hiring a professional to repair or replace your DIY roof will completely negate any money you saved originally. Similarly, while it may look easy, ensuring a quality roof is more difficult than it looks and often best left to a professional.

Tackling Your Own Solar Panel and Dish Installation


There is a reason why there are professionals that install solar panels and satellite dish systems. Attaching things to your roof is not an easy process and if done incorrectly, will leave areas on your roof that will let in water. This negates a proper roof install, and leaves your home susceptible to rot and mold. Also, it is possible to damage your shingles and roof deck during these installations. Solar panel installation is not an easy task even for contractors that do it daily. Due to the elements that most roofs face, solar panels must be installed sturdily so prevent further damage. Be smart and leave the heavy lifting and installation to the professionals that know the ins and outs of the roofing trade.

DIY Roofing Likely Voids your Warranty


All quality roofing companies and suppliers offer warranties and guarantees on their work. The caveat to this warranty is, any issues are to be handled by professional roofers. Any DIY roofing repair you embark on will explicitly void this warranty and leave you on the hook for any issues down the road. This is another issue that relates back to how much you’ll actually save by accomplishing the job yourself. The warranties from our suppliers are incredibly strict. We must adhere to strict standards when installing your roofing system that the average homeowner may not know of nor have the capability for. For example, for proper warranty protection, we are mandated to a certain number of nails per shingle. This is one of many guidelines put in place on the installer by the manufacturer. Another is to ensure proper attic ventilation, which positively contributes to the life of a roofing system. Any lapse in adherence during the installation process can void your warranty. Therefore, it is the correct and wisest decision to leave this process to a professional.

Roofing is Dangerous Work


The average roof height of a single-story dwelling is 14 feet. When you begin to add in increasing home levels, these heights rise drastically. Falling from these kinds of heights can leave you seriously injured or worse. In this kind of pain, you will instantly be regretting your decision to try your hand at a DIY roofing project. As professional roofers, we take all precautions necessary, so these issues are minimized and serious accidents don’t happen. Our installers are diligent on the proper usage of fall harnesses and personal restraint systems. Similarly, we are constantly monitoring the weather and wind speed to ensure safe installation for our crew members. Most homeowners do not own these types of systems, and do not understand what to look for in terms of weather. Issues can arise easily, and accidents happen fast without proper precautions. When considering a DIY roofing project, we advise that you don’t. This is the area to spend the money and hire a professional. A roofing professional will make sure your project is handled adequately and safely.

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