roof dormer that needs a roof shingle patched

Does Patching Roof Shingles Make Sense?

Seeing a cracked, broken, or missing shingle is always a scary affair. Roof replacements are not cheap, so times like this create worry about having to go down this route. Patching roof shingles, or roof repair, is often a good choice for roofs under certain conditions. As a result, many factors influence whether a contractor explores roof repair. For example, less reputable companies typically sell roof repairs to almost anyone, even if the job won’t hold.

Therefore, it is unwise to continuously patch issues on an aging roof. This is because the shingles are simply worn, and the ultimate cost will outweigh that of a new roof. Roof repair is a worthy option when issues are evident, such as after a particularly bad storm. Follow along for the factors that go into whether your home will benefit from patching roof shingles.

When Can You Explore Patching Roof Shingles?


As previously stated, there are several factors that influence whether you can patch roof shingles or need a full replacement. Reputable contractors pride themselves in the quality of their work. If they are not confident in the current state of a roofing system, they will not offer a repair. In most cases, there is an underlying issue as to why a shingle broke or fell off. If direct trauma or wind caused the issue, it is likely localized to that one area. In this situation, shingles are easily patched. Depending on the age, and model of shingle contractors will try to match as closely as possible. These are relatively quick jobs that are much more affordable than an entire replacement.

What to Know About Roof Repair vs Roof Replacement


On homes with older or failing systems, contractors will end up chasing issue after issue. Also, in this case, there will be more issues that are not readily apparent from the ground. Most contractors will not even explore roof repair options if a roof is old or neglected. Missing shingles indicate issues to the entirety of the system, such as possible underlayment and flashing issues. Patching roof shingles on an aging roof will delay the inevitable that is a roof replacement. One caveat is that patching roof shingles will buy time before the contractor can complete the job. These are meant to be temporary fixes that prevent rot or mold growth, and ultimately protect the interior of your home.

If your home needs a roof repair or replacement, there are many contractor options at your disposal. A google search is overwhelming. Ultimately, you should feel confident in the contractor you choose. Free estimates allow you to explore several options without feeling tied to on roofer. Ranch Roofing offers free estimates for both replacements and repairs. Our sales team will answer all questions associated with the job. We will walk you through the project start to finish to give you the best understanding possible of your options.