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What to Know About Roof Shingle Repair?

Roof shingle repair or residential roof repair is an option for damaged roofs that fall within certain requirements. One caveat to this is that many roofing companies have different requirements for situations that require a replacement rather than a shingle repair. These vary from company to company due to situations previously encountered. It is possible that repairs leak, and companies will often know situations that lead to this failure. By not embarking on these projects, companies can ensure full satisfaction from the customers due to the quality of the job, not the affordability.

While roofs are designed and built to remain sturdy throughout their lifespan, there are extenuating circumstances that can create damage or issues within these systems. These circumstances often include weather and wind damage that lift or tear off shingles. Similarly, larger areas of damage can largely be attributed to debris from greenery, such as large limbs.

Finally, algae and mold growth can lead to premature deterioration of shingles, leading to leaks.

When your home springs a leak, it is easy to think the worst. Roof shingle repairs are a less costly option than a full roof replacement and can be done much faster. We’ve compiled some common scenarios where a repair will be suitable. One major thing to keep in mind is the age of your roof. Older roofs will traditionally benefit from a full replacement. This is due to areas of damage or deterioration that may not be easily seen. Often, patching one area will just expose another. Age is up to your roofing contractor, understanding the closer to the expected lifespan of your roof, the better chance you will require a replacement.

Roof Shingle Repair is a Great Option For Small Areas of Damage


While it is impossible to define exactly the size of an area conducive for repair, there are some basic rules you can look at. These are not hard and fast rules, but give you an idea of what to expect.

  • Does the area encompass a majority or minority of your roofing system?
  • Are there multiple areas of damage or is it localized to one spot?
  • Are there any noticeable holes?

The smaller the area of damage, the easier the repair. Lifted and missing shingles on smaller areas do well with repair. If an entire portion of your roof is missing shingles, a repair is not recommended. Also, while holes and broken wood can be repaired, it relies on the structural integrity of the system.

Roof Maintenance Helps Prevent Shingle Damage

Taking steps to ensure proper seasonal care of your roof is key to avoiding leaks and other issues. If you do not remove large pieces of debris, year after year, large portions of your roofing system will become damaged. In this case, the cost of repairs will go far beyond that of a replacement. Also, algae and mold growths will deteriorate asphalt shingles. When this happens, it is impossible to repair small pieces because the damage likely has spread throughout the roofing system.

Leaks and damage do not have to be scary. You may immediately think the worst and assume you are about to be on the hook for the entire cost of a roof replacement. Most homes with younger roofs are great candidates for roof shingle repairs rather than replacements. A quality roofing contractor will be able to walk you through your options. They will outline the pros and cons of a repair. At the same time, they will recommend the best option, not always the most expensive. If you think your roof is a strong candidate for a roof repair or replacement, contact us today for a free estimate.