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10 Roof Deck Ideas for Designing the Perfect Space

Your roof is an invaluable part of your commercial and residential property. Since roofing repair needs are usually what get the most attention, a roof’s possibilities may sometimes be overlooked. However, exploring rooftop deck ideas is a great way to use your structure’s available space and maximize your outdoor access. In addition to the potential benefits of a roof deck, check out these 10 design ideas to help you create your perfect rooftop deck space.

What are some advantages of rooftop deck designs over traditional decks?


Any structurally-sound and well-designed decks can contribute significantly to a home’s value. Especially in locations where outdoor living space or space between properties is limited, adding a rooftop deck is an particularly attractive feature. From small rooftop deck ideas to larger installations, here are some added benefits of rooftop decks.

  • Embrace the view! Traditional decks may provide views of your immediate scenery, like a vibrant flower garden or your puppy’s antics. However, rooftop space often offers a unique panoramic spectacle that can’t be enjoyed from any other location. For the full experience of sunrise or sunset or sheer appreciation of your city’s magnificence, unparalleled sights may be accessible from your rooftop.
  • Enjoy the privacy! Their removal from street level means an even greater level of privacy on rooftop decks than a fence or deck placement can sometimes afford. The seclusion from the hustle and bustle also extends to sound as well as sight. Much like you won’t see the daily walker passing by, you won’t hear those individuals conducting business meetings or family catch-ups while on their way to or from other locations.
  • Improve your health! Sure, a rooftop deck may cause your doctor to celebrate your Vitamin D levels at your next physical, but it also provides daily health benefits. The American Psychological Association credits increased time in nature with improved mental health and brain functioning, not to mention the physical benefits of outdoor exercise. For stress relief, improved attention, and more, take deep breaths of fresh air, feel the breeze, or gaze at the stars in the more centering, less noisy, and an uncongested environment of your roof deck.

What roof deck ideas can help me enjoy these benefits?


Like a thoughtfully-located skylight can entirely change the atmosphere and appearance of an interior room, large and small rooftop decks can make a huge difference in your exterior space. Roof decks can transform into the gardens, outdoor patios, and workout areas that you were missing. The rooftop deck ideas below may provide some inspiration for how you can design the perfect space for your personal style and desired functionality.

  1. Use convertible or multipurpose furniture to make the most of smaller areas or to easily change your use of the space. For example, a solid wood bench can serve equally well for your morning push-up challenge and an evening meal or cocktail hour with the simple addition of a tablecloth.
  2. Consider mixing textures and colors. Plants, furniture material, weather-resistant throw pillows, and more can enliven your space and even refresh it, as the seasons change.
  3. Shades, curtains, or privacy screens are useful additions, especially if your rooftop deck adjoins another resident’s or is divided between the property dwellers.
  4. Play with lighting! Consider how your layout can make the most of any natural light. Think about how your selection and placement of solar lighting, LED planters, traditional or battery-powered candles, and even colorful, portable speakers can enhance your space.
  5. For full sun rooftops, investigate roof deck ideas that incorporate a partial or full shade. From umbrellas and shade sails to trees and trellises, find coverage suitable for the needs of your skin health and your style.
  6. Be guided by a theme! Want a beach-like oasis? Add sand and shell decor and striped loungers. Are you a camper at heart? Focus your design around a colorful tent and add elements like potted trees or a fire feature to complete the look.
  7. Investigate flooring options, which can contribute to your chosen aesthetic and be used to differentiate areas on a single roof deck. For example, a platform with an outdoor rug might host a dining area while additional storage, grills, or garden pots might remain on the existing surface.
  8. Seating selections can be a substantial investment depending on the size of your space and number of people who might use it. Save a dollar and acknowledge the impact of the elements by repurposing or renovating existing furniture or choosing your materials accordingly. Also remember that blankets, inflatable sofas, and folding chairs are easy to move, which can be especially helpful if permanent installations aren’t allowed on the roof deck.
  9. Plan for the safety of all of your roof deck guests. Especially if younger and inquisitive animals or children may be using this space, consider installing railings.
  10. Accommodate your seasons in your roof deck design. While summer may allow you to spend any hour of the day on your roof deck, you want to be able to use this space throughout the year. Gardeners may want to add a small greenhouse to keep growing during cooler months, while hosts might invest in patio heaters or other warming options.

As you consider potential roof deck designs, remember that these property improvements, like roof ventilation or other additions, are often subject to local building codes and require permits. Don’t let this factor deter you from the perfect rooftop space of your dreams! For roof deck projects in the greater Boston area, then contact Ranch Roofing today to ask any questions or address any roofing concerns that you may have.