A ranch in Massachusetts, representing how spring weather can affect your Massachusetts home.

How Spring Weather can Affect Your Massachusetts Home

We can say that spring is “just around the corner”. It is still not here, but we will soon start to notice more changes in the weather in the next two months. It is crucial to talk about how spring weather can affect your Massachusetts home in advance. That way, you have enough time to prepare and protect your property.

Weather Climate in Massachusetts

We are all witnesses of how the weather climate in Massachusetts has changed in the past decade. A substantial amount of people are moving to different areas of the United States, “hunting” good weather and running away from bad weather conditions. All throughout the northern US, spring is arriving earlier than before. The overall temperature is higher by 2°F, which results in more heavy storms and rain. However, there is also more drought and hot days when the summer arrives.

If unprepared, rain can do a lot of damage to your home, specifically your roof. Regular roof maintenance is very important, so let’s see how to prepare for spring weather and protect your home.

Today, we will cover some of the most common issues:

  • possible roof issues due to heavy rain or too hot days;
  • how to protect the outside of your house;
  • what to do in case of a spring relocation

Roof Problems Due to Heavy Rain

We all know how a spring rainstorm can pop up at any time. Additionally, spring storms can be short, but intense and with a lot of rain. If your roof is not 100% secured against this weather, the most common issue will be leaking.

If you have an attic, there is a risk of water damage to anything you might store there. Furthermore, the water can also penetrate your walls and cause severe damage to the structure of your home. The first sign you might notice are stains on your walls, which indicate where the water leaks the most.

Your roof's wooden structure may rot if it is exposed to a lot of rain.
A wooden structure of a roof during construction.

A more dangerous, long-term problem is that rain can cause roof deterioration. If the raindrops start to gather between the shingles and the roof base, they can increase the humidity, causing mold, rust on any metal parts, and wood rotting. This will eventually lead to re-roofing, which will cost a lot of money.

Hot Weather Can Also Affect Your Roof

It is not that uncommon in Massachusetts that we get a few weeks of heat with no rain. High temperature can also affect your roof, and that is even harder to notice. The number one reason why heat affects your roof (along with the rest of the home) relates to improper airflow and lack of proper ventilation. The heat and humidity will slowly build up inside, with no way to escape so that your home can cool down.

If you used any caulk to secure your roof from the rain, the excessive heat gathering underneath it will cause it to evaporate. That can cause leaks when the rain finally hits.

Another thing that can happen is that wood will start to expand due to the heat. Something like this can cause shingles to crack and even deteriorate at a faster rate.

The good thing is that spring is the perfect time for roof maintenance. The first days are usually very mild, and the contractors don’t have as much work as usual. Take that opportunity to inspect your roof, and make sure that there is enough airflow to keep your home protected from high heat.

Preparing Your Home for Relocation During Summer

As we mentioned, constant weather changes often affect people’s choice to move to a different part of the country. If you decided to relocate during the spring, calling professionals is always the right choice. Expert movers will know how to keep your items safe in the best possible way. A sudden rainstorm can quickly delay your plans. Water will also affect moving boxes, and if you are not ready for it, they might get soaked and fall apart, damaging all of your stuff inside.

How Spring Weather can Affect Your Massachusetts Home

You now know how spring weather can affect your Massachusetts home. Too much rain, or the lack of it, can cause serious problems. However, as long as you maintain your roof, keep track of the weather changes, and regulate the humidity inside the house, you can prevent disasters and mounting expenses. The idea is to always be prepared and not allow any unpleasant surprises!

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