What are cupola vents

Accentuate and Ventilate with Cupola Vents 

The installation of a new roof is an incredible investment to the home. However, depending on the roofing material, it may or not be a feature that distinguishes a home from those around it. On the other hand, cupola vents can serve as part of the home’s ventilation system and provide unique or historically accurate flair to a building. The information below may help you determine if a cupola vent is the notable ventilation and decorative addition that you’ve been missing!

A Brief History of Cupola Vents


For centuries, cupolas have graced a multitude of buildings from rural barns and contemporary homes to celebrated churches and historic state houses. While some cupolas on buildings of prominence were large enough to move around in and survey one’s surroundings, most residential cupolas served to increase light in the interior, aid in ventilation or simply serve as a notable decorative feature. Importantly, cupolas designed to ventilate include louvers or operable windows on them and leverage natural airflow to bring air in and expel hot, humid air from the attic or interior area.

As illustrated in the home improvement resource, ThisOldHouse, cupolas appear in a variety of shapes and styles. Some are square and topped with peaked points, while others are more circular in shape and finished with domes. Cupolas may also blend different shapes and combine various colors and materials to achieve the desired visual impact. They can be customized to suit the necessary functions and architectural features corresponding to the buildings to which they are added. Like other types of ventilation, cupola vents are best used in combination with other thoughtfully chosen vent features, as recommended by a ventilation and roofing specialist.

Cupola Vents and Curb Appeal


For some homeowners, ridge vents and soffit vents are preferred ventilation installations because they are some of the least noticeable ventilation options. Individuals looking for ventilation benefits and decorative enhancement may be more interested in roof turbines (or whirlybird vents) or cupola vents. The following highlights how cupola vents may contribute to the curb appeal of your home or commercial building!

  • Roof health: Rocket Mortgage emphasizes that one of the most important questions to ask in buying a home pertains to the age and well-being of the roof. In fact, visible issues or potential issues with a roof, including its cupola features, can lead to requests for money off of the asking price or contingencies necessitating repair or replacement prior to sale. Roof and attic ventilation installations are intended to maintain the structural integrity and lifespan of the roof. By either passively (as with cupola vents) or actively increasing air circulation, roof vents in the home aid in preventing heat and moisture buildup, specifically in the attic area and below the roof. In doing so, the ventilation system reduces the potential for issues like wood rot, mold, ice dams and other problems that may compromise the look and longevity of the roof.
  • Style: To increase the curb appeal of your home, it’s important to consider how the choice of cupola vent design meshes with the style of the home. For example, even new cupolas may seem like they have always been a feature on more historic homes, while matching a cupola vent with contemporary architecture may require a more savvy and selective approach. For any residential or commercial building, it’s important to think about vent size and shape in relationship to the overall structure.
  • Material: Many roof vents, including cupola vents, are available in various materials and in assorted colors and finishes. Consequently, property owners can make choices based on the degree of visibility that they want each part of their comprehensive ventilation system to have. Since cupola ventilation is naturally distinctive due to the greater size of its design, some individuals may further maximize its impact by selecting unique copper complements or other color accents.
  • Accessories: The perfect necklace or belt can transform a seemingly plain little black dress into a style statement. Similarly, cupolas can be styled with their own kind of accessories to enhance curb appeal. Weathervanes are one popular and customizable addition. Other features from lighting accents to the louver style may be carefully selected to further optimize the decorative aspect of the cupola vent.
  • Environmental benefits: Cupola vents, attic fans and other ventilation options also help improve air flow and quality within the home, as well as support greater consistency of interior temperature and humidity. Even if the outer appearance of the home is stunning, an unpleasant environment inside the home will quickly detract from a home’s overall appeal.

As you think about adding or upgrading ventilation features, such as cupola vents, consult with the roofing and ventilation expert near you to determine the right comprehensive system for your home and preferences. From making recommendations about which vent options will suit your roof type and pitch to noting any roofing repairs that may be necessary, the team at Ranch Roofing is eager to collaborate with you on your upcoming project. Contact us with your ventilation, roofing or skylight requests today. We also provide free estimates!