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What Makes New England Roofing Different

What makes New England roofing different is a question we hear quite often here at Ranch Roofing. Generally speaking, a roof is a roof, no matter where in the world you are. Some form of weatherproof material is laid over the top of a structure to keep its inhabitants safe and dry throughout the year. The harsh weather and unique, historic homes of New England make roofing in the northeast a little bit different and more challenging than other areas of the country. Harsh winters and rainy springs make proper roof installation and maintenance an important topic that all homeowners must be mindful of.

Historic Areas Make New England Roofing a Challenge

While wood shingles are traditional to many of the historic homes of New England, there are many downsides to this material choice. Most professional roofing contractors are straying away from this style in favor of more technologically advanced options. Many homeowners focus on asphalt shingles due to their low cost and low maintenance or slate roofs that look more traditional and are much more durable. Homeowners of New England are very conscious of their home’s aesthetic which makes shingle choice a big decision during a home project. Another area of issue in historic neighborhoods of the northeast are the size of the homes and proximity to neighbors, which make scaling a roof more challenging than their southern counterparts.

Roof Maintenance is a Must in New England

Due to the unpredictable weather we have here in the northeast, proper roof maintenance and cleaning is of the utmost importance to homeowners. We have written several blogs that outline the reasons for necessary upkeep but they can be summed up into several key factors. We often urge homeowners to be mindful of debris on their roofs and gutters to ensure proper watershed throughout the year, as well as stopping algae growth in its tracks. Proper care must be taken to ensure your New England roof lives up to its industry standard lifespan.

Weather Plays a Key Factor in New England Roofing

Contrary to popular belief, Ranch Roofing installs and repairs roofs year-round. While proper care must be taken during the winter months, there are still a few days a year that we simply can’t roof. Days that are exceptionally cold and snowy are often impossible to install a quality roofing system due to the nature of the adhesives. While weather may pose a problem on certain days, we ensure every project is completed on an acceptable time frame that takes this into account. Similarly, spring showers can put a slight damper on our roofing efforts, we would prefer to take an extra day or two to ensure that your roof is of the highest quality we can provide.

As a whole, New England roofing differs from the rest of the country due to weather and historic home styles. Here at Ranch Roofing we have perfected our craft to ensure roofs of the highest quality to all of our customers. For questions or to schedule a free estimate, call us today.