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Why We Love Winter Roofing

Most customers we speak to are concerned with winter roofing due to potential negative impacts they believe it can have on the final project. As a leader in residential roofing in the greater Boston area, Ranch Roofing confidently installs quality roofing systems year-round. Most years, the winter and spring months show leaks and holes in roofs due to the increase in snow and rain. On warm winter days, we often see leaks caused by ice dams that indicate poor attic ventilation. Due to the fact that our customers need roofs year-round, Ranch Roofing prides ourselves in our ability to install and repair roofs in the Northeast no matter the month. Whether it is a repair or full roof replacement, Ranch Roofing is your choice for winter roofing in the greater Boston area. We are here to discuss the pros and cons of winter roofing and how it may impact your choice regarding a roofing service.

Take note that our cons list does not include anything regarding a lacking quality of installation. While timelines may be longer during the winter due to the unpredictability of the weather, this will never impact the overall quality of installation. Your finished winter roofing product will be the exact same as if it were installed in the summer.

Why We Love Winter Roofing


As a whole, roofing contractors are less busy during the winter. This is a massive positive for a customer as the overall availability is much better to get your job done. As long as there is no permitting holdup, we are able to get on jobs much faster in the winter than in the summer. Our job backlog becomes much shorter during this time which strongly benefits customers that need roofing service. Obviously, weather becomes the main scheduling factor during this time as there are certain weather-related restrictions during this time. When it comes to serious issues, waiting may cause even more issues. It is wise to never wait to have roofing issues fixed as small issues can easily snowball into bigger, more costly issues if you hold off on service.

Also, winter roofing ensures that you will stay warm and dry all winter long. Installing roofs in the winter safeguards your possessions and overall home if there are leak or hole issues. This means that the biggest pro of roofing in the winter is the customer does not have to wait to have their issues addressed.

Cons of Winter Roofing


The largest drawback of winter roofing is the unpredictability of weather and how it relates to overall scheduling. While the largest pro may be a more open schedule for a winter roofer, some days it can be difficult to stick to the schedule. A quality roofing company will not install a roof on bitterly cold days, nor will they work on days that it is precipitating. These are not only dangerous days for the contractors, but adverse weather can and will negatively impact the adhesion of shingles or rubber membranes.

Another drawback of winter roofing, whether it is a repair or replacement, is an added cost to properly clear the roof. This may be beneficial in the long run, as you will not have any snow load on your roof and it is generally recommended to remove snow from your roof. However, it is something to keep in mind as your roofing system will have to be perfectly clear to best accept the new roofing materials.

As a leading New England roofer, we have to love winter roofing as it seems to be a large majority of our season. Potential customers should never be afraid to having their roofs done during the winter as the quality will always be the same. Certain weather related restrictions much be followed during this time, and scheduling may be a slight issue. As a whole, there is no massive difference between winter and summer roofing. If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to contact us today!