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What to Look When Buying a Home With an Old Roof

So, you’re preparing to purchase your dream house. You’ve toured the home, fell in love with the various touches that will be perfect for your growing family. You’ve decided which bedrooms will go to who, and where you will put your eclectic mix of furniture that you’ve gathered over the years. Simply put, you have completely imagined creating a life for your family in this new space. Then it happens, you walk outside smiling ear to ear ready to make an offer and your realtor raises the concern that the house has an old roof that doesn’t look like it has many miles left. What are your next steps when buying a house with a 20-year-old roof? Do you run for the hills? Of course not, this house is perfect for you. There are certain things to look for to ensure that the old roof is not in fact a leaky, old roof. While we are not encouraging or endorsing old roofs, simply put, they are not all disastrous and may not be an immediate expense.

Look Below the Sky


The first steps to look at the health of the roof is simply look at it. Are there are visible signs for wear and tear? This is the time to look for broken or missing shingles. These are the most obvious signs that the roof is in need of some professional help. Similarly, look at the end of the roof for missing flashing as seen in our roof anatomy post. These are early indications of larger issues.

Make Sure to Check the Attic Before Buying a Home with a 20-Year-Old Roof


While you will probably explore the attic before purchasing a home, it is important to really examine the attic for signs of a failing roofing system. Here is the time to look for wet spots or water stains within the attic itself. These are signs that the roofing is in serious need of repair, and may impact your purchase price or overall decision to purchase.

Use the Old Roof as a Bargaining Chip


This is an opportunity to bargain a little on the price of the home. Roofs are expensive, while still being very worthwhile investments. The purchaser may consider using the old roof as an opportunity to either knock the price down on the home, or create a purchase contingency. This would mean that the sale would be contingent on the homeowner having the old roofing system replaced. For the homeowner, a new roof offers peace of mind on not only staying dry but also no hidden expenses.

Bring in a Professional


A house is a big investment. Contracting a professional roofing contractor to examine the roof is a small price to pay to ensure that you are purchasing a sound investment. This is a small cost in relation to the price of the house, and something that is wise to do before signing papers.

At Ranch Roofing, we are replacement experts when it comes to aging roofing systems. To set up a free estimate, feel free to reach out and contact us today.

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