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Can Christmas Lights on your Roof Cause Damage?

Christmas lights and decorations on the exterior of your home can bring Christmas spirit to even the biggest Grinch in the neighborhood. In some suburban neighborhoods, members will try to outdo one another which often draws onlookers from far and wide to appreciate the vibrant glow of these ornate displays. Citizens spend hundreds to thousands of dollars each year on their Christmas displays. The biggest takeaway is these displays are often well thought out and executed. The Christmas light installations must take utmost care in protecting the exterior health of the home. It is recommended you use specialized tools and clips to ensure your house remains exactly the same after the tree has long withered in the local landfill. Make no mistake, Christmas lights on your roof can cause serious damage if not hung with the same care as your Christmas stockings. Follow along for tips and tricks to ensure your home looks stunning during the holidays and for years afterwards.

Please Refrain from Making Holes When Hanging Christmas Lights from Your Roof


Roofs are painstakingly installed to ensure there are no leaks from holes or cracks. The whole idea of a properly installed roof is to ensure water sheds properly and your home stays warm and dry throughout the year. Homeowners may think it is possible to hammer in a few nails to your roof or siding and sling your lights quick and easily. If you do not use the specialized hooks and clips while hanging your Christmas lights, you run the risk of water entering your home. Above all else, modifying your roofing system will void your warranty, so please refrain from making holes while hanging Christmas lights on your roof. This is not something you want to happen after you just labored over purchasing the right presents for your loved ones. Christmas light hanging hooks are inexpensive, especially in terms of the alternative costs in replacing or repairing your roof. This is the time to spend a few dollars to save a few thousand dollars. Your family and your wallet will thank you throughout the year, allowing for a less stressful holiday time with your loved ones.

Only Santa Should Be on Your Roof


We can’t say this enough, when installing Christmas lights on your roof, please stay off of it. During this time of year, only Santa and his reindeer should be gracing your home’s rooftop. Climbing on a roof can be downright dangerous during the wintertime and simply put, no rockin’ light display is worth that danger. Christmas lights on your roof and gutters sure look nice; however, that high quality display should never come at the expense of your life or safety. If you cannot safely reach an area for lights, it may not be the right area for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help now to avoid dealing with an injury that could keep you from your loved ones during this time. Ladders are much safer and more predictable than a slippery roof during the winter. Do it right, do it once, and do it safely.

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