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Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights from Your Roof

Winter is here which means Christmas is right around the corner. In most houses, decorating the tree is a family event. Starting with hanging Christmas lights, moving to tinsel, then on to ornaments, capping it off with a star on top. Everyone helps and it is often one of the purest times of year. For some families, Christmas decorations don’t stop inside and end up all over the yard and the house itself. While lights and decorations are a nice touch to get in the Christmas spirit, tips for hanging lights must follow the same saying as stockings: with care. As a residential Newton roofer, and working homeowners in the community and surrounding towns, we have seen it all in terms of roof damage from Christmas displays. Take care when hanging your Christmas lights by following some tips we have compiled from years of experience.

Use Hooks for Hanging Christmas Lights


This may seem like a no-brainer, but do not drill or nail into your roof or gutters just to hang Christmas lights. There are easier and less expensive ways to get into the Christmas spirit than causing extensive and expensive damage to your roofing system. Many companies make plastic hooks that attach to the outside of your roof, allowing you to hang lights without causing damage. There are many different hook styles that allow you to hang lights from various different areas of your roof and gutters. Often, these plastic clips latch onto your gutters or roof edge. The benefit here is they are easy to remove and do not put any added stress on your roofing system. Once flipped on, these hooks have tabs that allow for lights to be easily slipped on them. Not only does this give you more options for your own style of roof, it also gives you the ability to string together more and more lights, creating the perfect light show.

Don’t Walk on Your Roof


This tip cannot be stressed enough, when hanging lights, stay off of your roof. If where you want to hang cannot be reached from a ladder, then it is not where you want to hang your decorations. Getting on a roof, especially during the winter is a dangerous act and something best left to the professionals. Roofs, especially during the winter, are not a safe place to walk. A slippery roof can lead to a long fall to the ground. Also, be mindful of the weather, as a windy day can make your roof unsafe and turn a fun holiday time into one of injury and pain. Finally, don’t let cords get wet and then attempt to plug them in.

Don’t Make Holes


This ties into the usage of hooks. Don’t drill into any part of your roof to hang Christmas lights. Roofs are meant to shed water. Creating holes gives water the opportunity to penetrate your roof and goes against what was installed in the first place. This is the time to spend a few dollars on the proper tools to ensure your Christmas display goes off with a hitch. Spend a few dollars on the proper hooks now to save thousands down the road on a roof repair or replacement.

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