Advantages of Skylight Installations on Metal Roofs

10 Advantages of Metal Roof Skylights

In kitchens or bathrooms and on flat roofs or metal roofs, skylights enhance a home’s interior, increase property values, and work with a variety of roofing systems. Choosing the right type of skylight for your home and space requires thoughtful consideration. Different roofing systems also offer their respective advantages in terms of skylight incorporation. Especially if you are timing a new skylight installation with your residential or commercial roofing update (a cost-effective choice), thinking about the specific benefits of each roofing system and available skylight options may help you in the decision-making process. To learn more, the following highlights some advantages specific to metal roof skylights.

10 Advantages of Metal Roof Skylights


Multiple roofing types are amenable to the addition of skylights, and property owners welcome their associated benefits, including increased natural light, better ambience or functionality, and other improvements. Discover 10 advantages of integrating skylights on a metal roof.

  1. The framing and flashing process involved in a skylight installation is relatively straightforward when completing this work on a metal roof. An easier installation process may mean a speedier completion of this work on its own or in conjunction with any other roofing system updates or roof repairs.
  2. Metal roofing materials like steel and aluminum are sturdier and more rigid than other roofing options. This stability contributes to the security of skylight framing to support watertight seals and overall functionality.
  3. Certain types of metal used in roofing systems offer some fire resistance. This trait may be especially important in certain environmental circumstances or due to the interior location of the skylight.
  4. Much like metal roofs may offer greater fire resistance than other roof types, they can also provide increased energy efficiency. In exploring your metal roof options, be sure to ask about insulation and reflective coatings that may help reduce heating and cooling expenses!
  5. Greater weather resistance is another outstanding quality of metal roofing systems –  a necessity amidst New England’s ever-changing weather adventures. Not only will this type of roof withstand conditions like driving rain, heavy snow and penny-sized hail, but it will also help preserve the skylight’s longevity and aid against leakage around the skylight.
  6. In addition to increasing the skylight’s lifespan, metal roofs themselves often last 50 years or more just with routine roofing services and maintenance. Since metal roofs are so durable, the skylights installed on them often benefit from this characteristic.
  7. Although this lifespan may suggest an increased level of necessary repair or cleaning, metal roofs actually require minimal maintenance and resist damage from issues like rot or insects. Accordingly, the material around metal roof skylights is less likely to deteriorate and thus less likely to make the skylight subject to leaks or other compromises.
  8. Some roofs may have limitations when it comes to skylight style or the material out of which the skylight is constructed. However, metal roofs are more versatile, which means that there are more opportunities to customize the skylight to align with a homeowner’s aesthetic vision or the architectural nuances of the exterior.
  9. Skylights on metal roofs also enable property owners to create unique interior spaces, because of the increased variety of skylight shapes and sizes. This factor may be noteworthy if you are considering the architectural feature and visually-compelling addition of a dome skylight.
  10. Many metal roofing materials and metal skylights are recyclable or made from recycled content. Consequently, choosing metal for both a roofing system and for a skylight installation may be desirable to individuals looking for more environmentally-friendly home improvement options.

Investing in a skylight installation on your metal roof or in combination with other roof work is a significant home improvement undertaking. Ranch Roofing is committed to collaborating with you and ensuring a quality experience and final product. We understand that there are many factors to consider as you choose your skylight contractor., one of which is prior customer experience. We’ve included a few of our client testimonials here to illustrate what you can expect while working with the experienced Ranch Roofing professionals on your upcoming project. To learn more about working with Ranch Roofing, then check our service area to schedule a free estimate or ask us any questions by contacting us today!

“We used Ranch Roofing to replace our entire roof as well has eight skylights. We received estimates from three other roofing companies and chose Roofing because not only was the price right, but because of their professionalism. The work was done when promised, at the agreed upon price, and within one very long day. They texted pictures of the work as it was being done – how else to know what’s going on up there! Their clean up operation was stellar. A couple years later we experienced small leaks in a section of a bay that had not been part of the roof replacement. Not only did they come right out to look at it, they patched it up for free. Really impressive company! We recommend them highly.” 

“We found Ranch Roofing from a referral who was very pleased with their work. We chose RR after assessing multiple bids for a full roof/skylight replacement on our 3-story building. They did a most excellent job on a roof that was a patchwork of old/new/different surface types. Our experience with Bob (owner), Todd (bid) and the entire crew was stellar in terms of honesty, communication, skill and attention to detail. Everyone in our building was very pleased! Also, I reached out to Ranch for help on another property (for a much smaller job) and heard back immediately from owner Bob. I know we will be well taken care of, which is a huge relief.”