Rooftop Deck on Garage Ideas

Can I Build a Rooftop Deck on the Garage?

Building a rooftop deck on a garage is possible, and there are many design ideas to choose from as you envision your perfect outdoor oasis. Especially if the garage has a flat roof, building a deck above it may seem like a feasible DIY roofing project. However, choosing a professional and experienced roofing contractor helps ensure the longevity, versatility, and safety of your roof deck. Below, we’ll highlight the particular benefits of adding a rooftop deck on a garage and why an expert roofing company is essential for this investment.

What are the advantages of adding a rooftop deck on a garage?


From garages with decks on top to roof decks that serve as the finishing touch to multi-story buildings, rooftop decks offer a number of benefits. They optimize otherwise unused space, increase outdoor access, and add overall value to a property, just to name a few. Here are some specific advantages of adding rooftop decks on garages with some extra bonuses for flat roof garages:

  • Accessing a rooftop deck on the garage may be easier than in other locations. The addition of a staircase inside or outside of the building or even a simple hatch may provide a quick and convenient way to enter this outdoor area.
  • Similarly, having an outdoor deck space that is separate from the main living location offers some additional privacy and freedom. If someone is entertaining friends for an afternoon catch up on the rooftop deck over the garage, other members of the residence are less likely to have their movie watching or nap time interrupted. It may also be less visible from the street or from neighbors, especially with any other trees on the property surrounding it or if it is located toward the back of your property.
  • Especially in locations where there isn’t a lot of yard space, putting a deck on top of the garage means that outdoor space is gained instead of lost with this addition. More choice is also available in terms of how you want to use your space. For example, if you want a garden and a picnic area, the rooftop deck may have better sun to offer your plants, while the yard may offer some shade that is particularly helpful in warmer months.
  • If the garage roof is already flat, it may be able to provide a level and stable location for a roof deck. Additionally, fewer modifications may be needed to convert the roof into usable deck space.
  • Since the flat roof of a garage is already amenable to a deck installation and may require less modification, adding a rooftop deck in this location may be a more cost-effective choice.

How can expert roofers help support your enjoyment of the rooftop deck on a garage?


A flat roof may easily lend itself to a garage deck project, but any rooftop deck installation requires comprehensive roofing and construction knowledge. The professional team at Ranch Roofing will ensure that the roofing necessities, like the ones listed below, are fully addressed while also collaborating with you about any rooftop deck preferences and possibilities.

  • Compliance: Permit requirements and building codes are familiar to experienced roofing companies. Instead of facing fines or other penalties, our expert roofing team will ensure that all regulations and procedures are addressed. After all, the outcome of your rooftop deck investment should be more joy, not more stress or fees.
  • Structural Assessment: Most garages weren’t built with the idea that someday a deck may be placed on top. Consequently, the structural integrity of the roof needs to be evaluated to make sure it can support the additional weight of the deck, design features, and people who will enjoy it.
  • Water Management: Whether installing a flat roof skylight or adding a rooftop deck to a flat-roofed building, a flat roof poses some challenges in addition to its potential benefits. Consequently, a roofing company that understands the particular needs of flat roofs in general and relative to various projects is crucial. Without help from skilled experts, like those at Ranch Roofing, ineffective or incorrectly executed waterproofing can result in leaks, mold, structural damage, and other expensive problems.
  • Safety: In addition to Ranch Roofing’s care for its customers, many of the guidelines around property additions and construction management focus on safety. From the sturdy construction and installation of railings to fire precautions, our roofing professionals can help make sure that your new outdoor area is as safe as possible for the family and friends who will enjoy it.

Have you decided that adding a rooftop deck on the garage is a great investment in your property and your enjoyment of the outdoors? For those looking for roofing services in the greater Boston area, then contact Ranch Roofing today to request a free estimate or with any questions that you may have. We look forward to helping you with the roof deck of your dreams or any other residential or commercial roofing project that you have in mind!